Mike Pence Responds to Joy Behar Calling His Christianity a Mental Illness


On Monday, Joy Behar, a host of The View mocked Christianity during th show. Referencing the Vice President and gossip spread about him by Omarosa, she called his form of prayer a “mental illness”. Sunny Hostin and Whoopi joined in to criticize him for not showing enough respect for North Korea at the Winter Olympics.

Vice President Mike Pence responded in his genteel way to the deranged leftists of the View. He wondered about a network that allows a program like that to remain on air with hosts mocking religion.


  1. I support the VP and reject Atheist illiterate bigoted hate speech. until it honours respectful freedom of speech.

  2. These heathen socialist wenches would rather support murderous dictators, despots and terrorists. They would never dare to demean or denigrate Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or any other religion. These people are sub human.

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