Militant Marxist and Subversive Democratic Congressman, Raul Grijalva, Loses His First Assault on College Professor



Marxist climate change militant, Rep Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), has been rebuffed by the University of Delaware in his quest for information on the funding of climate scientist Professor David Legates. Legates has dared offer an opinion that does not line up with the environmental extremists.

Grijalva is communist-tied and is an advocate for returning most of the Southwest to Mexico. He advocates brutally for far-left causes and the environment is one of them.

Like most radicals who push the extremist view of global warming, Grijalva will destroy anyone offering an opposing opinion but when he went after information about Legates, the University of Delaware refused to play his game.

“The University of Delaware chooses not to act in a manner inconsistent with its governing principles and contractual commitments,” said the letter signed by UD President Patrick T. Harker and Provost Domenico Grasso.

Grijalva asked one question about university policies on financial disclosure which the University answered but another four were on the funding of specific professors by name. University of Delaware officials would not provide information for the other questions.

“The remaining four questions in your letter relate to research conducted by Professor Legates, who is mentioned by name in each question,” said the letter from the Delaware president and provost. “The University respectfully declines to respond to those questions, which we believe intrude into areas that are protected by academic freedom,” reported The Washington Times.

“I strongly urge you and your colleagues to be aware of and to consider the principle of academic freedom as you continue your pursuit of documents and information from universities and individual faculty members,” the letter said.

Mr. Legates, the former Delaware state climatologist, is a geography professor and former director of the university’s Center for Climatic Research and he is under attack from the leftists who think climate hoax deniers should be punished.

Grijalva, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, has a long history of racism and Marxist agitating.

He is a Communist Party USA affiliated Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 3rd district of Arizona, according to KeyWiki. He is an advocate for the communist’s favorite causes – economic justice the environment, civil liberties, and universal health care. They are his tools for promoting communism. He could care less about the environment.

Grijalva started off as a community organizer as many radical leftists do.

As a college student at the University of Arizona, Grijalva was a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), the radical racist group which seeks the “return” of much of the United States to Latinos based upon race, claiming an Aztlan sovereignty. It’s also known as La Reconquista.

He served as a leader in the Chicano Liberation Committee and other local racist Chicano groups including the “United Race Party,” (Raza Unida Party).

In his history of the radical Raza Unida Party, key wiki reports, Mexican-American scholar Armando Navarro wrote that Grijalva became a party leader in Arizona. As Grijalva explained to Navarro, he and his fellow activists weren’t discouraged that the party’s limited base gave it a slight chance of winning political power. “We decided to go into elective politics more in the sense of an educational tool rather than an opportunity for winning,’’ he said.

He fell out of favor with some of Tuscon’s Mexican community due to his extreme militancy. This is ironic since they are extreme.

He has written articles for the Communist Party USA paper, Peoples’ World.

He is a member of the Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses, the LBGT Equality Caucus, the Congressional National Landscape Conservation System and the Asian-Pacific American Caucus.

Those are all vehicles for his communism.

Isn’t it funny how the Democratic Party has a place for all these radicals?