Military on High Alert So Obama, Feinstein Can Blame Bush


The partisan CIA torture report was released Tuesday in advance of the Democrats turning the Senate majority over to the Republicans. Our military are on high alert because this report might very well put them in danger. The report will probably stir tensions overseas and it will be a recruiting tool, convincing would-be terrorists to join jihadist groups since the report sends the message that the U.S. deserves to be attacked.

The report is a rehash of what we’ve already heard though they put a new slant to it by saying it’s worse than we knew. It’s more of the blame Bush tactic that we’ve seen for the past six years.

Do you buy the idea that it’s torture to water board someone who planned the murder of almost 3,000 people and might have knowledge about other terrorist attacks? Even if you do, do you think it’s appropriate to rehash this for political purposes?

Not one CIA director was interviewed for this report.

The report claims the “torture” techniques were worse than the CIA let on. They claim it provided no key evidence of future attacks.

President Obama weighed in saying, “Moreover, these techniques did significant damage to America’s standing in the world and made it harder to pursue our interests with allies and partners. That is why I will continue to use my authority as president to make sure we never resort to those methods again.”

If only we could get Mr. Obama to stop damaging our reputation throughout the world.

Mr. Obama, who has opened our borders up to anyone who wants to come through, said this: “As Commander in Chief, I have no greater responsibility than the safety and security of the American people.”

Leon Pannetta, a Democrat, once admitted that some of the actionable intelligence did come from the CIA tactics:

John Brennan, a loyal Democrat, and the CIA he directs, fiercely disagreed Tuesday:

“Our review indicates that interrogations of detainees on whom [enhanced interrogation techniques] were used did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives,” CIA Director John Brennan said in a statement Tuesday morning. “The intelligence gained from the program was critical to our understanding of al Qaeda and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day.”

Separately, the CIA said the report’s claim that the agency misrepresented its activities to Congress and the White House “simply does not comport with the record. To accomplish this, there would have had to have been a years-long long conspiracy among CIA leaders at all levels, supported by a large number of analysts and other line officers,” the CIA response states. “This conspiracy would have had to include three former CIA Directors, including one who lead the Agency after the program had largely wound down.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein was one of the senators who was privy to the tactics used by the Bush administration in real time and now she wants to act as if she wasn’t aware as are so many other Democrats. She was briefed about it. Jay Rockefeller wanted to know why we weren’t doing more water boarding.

There is something despicable about a president and a senate committee who would rather see the CIA and the military on high alert than give up their chance to blame Bush and Republicans. Mr. Obama wants to change the conversation and would like to put the blame for his poor foreign relations onto Republicans. He said the torture was “contrary to our values” but it is not “contrary to our values” to put the military and CIA in harm’s way to make a political play.