Militia in Oregon Will Come Face-to-Face With Obama’s Propaganda Machine


go home bundys

Update: The Feds have arrived in the area to “take control of the situation”. How reassuring. The Sheriff said that there are 20 men in the building and they are trying to resolve the situation peacefully. They say the men have come to spark a movement across the country.

We don’t need a revolution now. We are defeating the left and we can win the next election. I hope these men stand down after they get a lawyer to intervene.

The people in the community don’t want the militia there and signs are popping up everywhere that say, “Go Home Bundys.”


The militia, who are now hold up in a small government refuge center in Oregon, are fighting for two Oregon ranchers who have rejected their help, and they will soon be confronted with the full force of the Obama Propaganda machine.

The militia are being led by three of the sons of Cliven Bundy who engaged in a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management last year.

This time, the government won’t pull back as they did in the Bundy-BLM fight because a 2016 election is the prize and, frightening the American people – turning them against conservatives and Republicans – provides a potential path to the prize. There are no cattle being abused as there were the last time to provide good press for these men. The press against these brave men has already turned vicious.

They are only squatters in a building unlike the Black Lives Matter terrorists who burned down city blocks but Obama will go after them s if they were terrorists.

In October, a new DOJ position was formed to combat domestic terrorism. The White House hopes to manipulate the people into seeing the most dangerous terrorism as largely right wing.

The advisors who will consult with the DOJ are the leftist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the liberal George Washington program on terrorism that will provide the research.

The SPLC thinks Dr. Ben Carson and the Family Research Council are extremists so expect this to be purposed to shut down dissent as opposed to truly seeking out terrorists.

The Oregon militia who took over a government building last night are in serious trouble because they are in the crosshairs of a politicized definition of what a domestic terrorist is. Obama wants to divert attention from radical Islamic extremism and wants to place it squarely on the right. The militia could be playing into his hands.

The DOJ assistant AG, while introducing the new position – the Domestic Terrorism Counsel – described the despicable leftist group SPLC as “an important voice on the wide range of extremist grips throughout this country.”

“In America, harboring extremist views is not itself a crime, nor is the expression of even a hateful ideology or association with a hateful group,” Carlin said.

“But the line between speech and violence is crossed too often, resulting in heartbreaking tragedy,” Carlin continued.

This could be applied to the Bundys standoff in Oregon. The fear is this could become another Waco.

The Bundys have taken over the government building as their headquarters and they plan to stay there until the government agrees to release the Hammonds. You can read about the Hammonds and the standoff on this link.

The government is flying drones over the site of the “takeover” of the small building in the middle of nowhere and some of the militia are willing to die.

Pray this won’t happen.

This event in Oregon could give Barack Obama the ammunition he needs to restrict guns and attack conservatives for political gain. One of Obama’s four goals for this year is to get a Democrat elected. With this case, he could conceivably manipulate the masses with the finesse of a Soviet propaganda machine.

Can’t you see Obama holding a terrorism trial for these men and then throwing them in jail for twenty years – with fanfare?

The SPLC and the DOJ are working together to search out and destroy so-called right wing extremists and those who are not so extreme but who are on the right. The SPLC attacks normal conservatives and has little interest in radical Islamists.

The SPLC maintains a hate map of alleged terrorist groups but the people who make it are at times people who simply don’t agree with their ideology.

Read about it on this link.

DOJ to Partner with the SPLC to Nullify the First Amendment


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Amen to them
Amen to them
6 years ago

Brave patriots vs cowardly bowel leak movement.

Go Americas finest. BLM cowards kill animals and terrorize citizens when they want their way but they keep choosing the wrong Americans to bully! The Shoshone Indian woman, the bundys and the hammonds have a lot more on the ball and are honest.

We don’t forget ruby ridge or Waco or terri schiavo either