Million Vet March on Stalag DC


Two of us from the Sentinel – Desiree Moore and I – just returned from DC and it’s after midnight. The journey was long because we spent hours on New Jersey’s famous parking lot – the New Jersey Turnpike. I will post some video tomorrow but I didn’t want to end the night without saying something about Day 2 in DC and the Million Vet March on the DC Memorials.

Check out this photo of the National Archives. Do you notice something?

National Archives

Ominous-looking wires were carefully affixed to the four columns in front, presumably to keep Americans out, but one can easily walk around the columns or under the wires. So why did they bother at all? Other than providing some man hours for union labor, why?

Did you know that union leaders representing government workers get 3.4 million man hours paid for by the taxpayer each year to do union work? And, did you know, that they will be paid during the shutdownThe Washington Examiner reports they can come to work to do union business during the shutdown – they are exempt.

The memorials are closed, the police don’t know if they are going to get paid, cancer kids can’t get treatment at NIH, and families of deceased military were told they could not be flown to Dover Air Force base to receive the bodies of their loved ones, all the while union labor leaders were given hours of work to do union business that was paid for by taxpayers.

Prisoners are also getting paid while the guards are not.

Is this who we are now? And who gets to decide that? Mr. Obama? In some vindictive rage, he is allowed to hurt ordinary Americans?

The people who had the courage to do something about it went to DC on Sunday. They cut the wires holding the Barry-cades together and threw the Barry-cades on the grass to allow our World War II veterans to visit their memorial – our memorial!

After a ceremony Sunday morning, which I will write more about on Monday, they carried the gates to the White House, one on the vehicle of a double-amputee veteran. They piled them in front of the White House gates with a note, ‘Return to Sender.’

Some of the police were not pleasant. The riot police physically pushed people around and it was the police who were the aggressors. One fellow who was pushed fell into me from six feet away. There were mounted police and at least one armored car. The riot police were out. All this to protect memorials from being opened by veterans. I will post more about this tomorrow, but does it surprise you? These are the same people who couldn’t handle a 34-year old schizophrenic woman with a baby in her car.

On Saturday, there was a small rally to clean up the mall and there was a conservative Voter’s Value Summit. Other than that, DC was a ghost town. The atmosphere was very different on Sunday.

Despite the closure of all government buildings, parks, museums, grassy promenades, there were crowds of people. There was a breast cancer awareness walk and a Taste of DC fair in which all the local restaurants set up booths with samplings of their dishes. That brought people into DC.

For me, the most important event on Sunday was the Million Vet March on DC.

Desiree Moore and I wanted to be there for our veterans. There weren’t a million vets but there were several thousand. CNN would have you believe there were hundreds. CNN also would have you believe it was a Tea Party rally because the military veterans who attended carried Gadsden flags. They don’t realize that the Gadsden flag is the symbol of American independence and freedom. The Don’t Tread on Me flag began with Benjamin Franklin. I will write about that Monday, but it is an important symbol for many veterans and that has been the case long before the Tea Party came about.

There were probably some Tea Party attendees and but the people at this event were overwhelmingly military.

The best moment was at the beginning when they took down the gates to our memorials – to the veterans’ memorials.

CNN likes to call the gates bicycle racks but they are gates, not bicycle racks.

The veterans opened up the memorials, including the World War II memorial, for our veterans – some served in World War II.

The US veterans fought to keep us free and the symbolism of them opening up open air memorials should not be ignored.

I have to say – sadly – that the most accurate retelling of the events was in Russia Today. It wasn’t CNN or ABC or CBS. Do I have to go to Russia Today for my news?

Fox News had a nice story on their cable station that was also accurate. They interviewed one of the World War II vets who was very grateful and very moved by the people who came out in support of our veterans, the World War II veterans in particular. These people risked everything to keep us safe and to keep us free.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, wants to hurt veterans to make political points.