Millionaire Socialist Bernie Is Out of the Hospital After Lying for 3 Days


Bernie Sanders has left the hospital after suffering a heart attack which he hid for three days. He’s lucky he had good healthcare and not Medicare For All or he would still be waiting for help. Once the leftists like him ruin our healthcare system, there will be nowhere else to go.

They told us he had a blocked artery and that he had stents put in after they first claimed he only had mild chest discomfort, but that was a lie. He had a myocardial infraction aka heart attack.

He’s a 78-year-old with a bad heart. We are glad he is okay but he needs to retire now.

The 78-year-old has raised a great deal of money and he’s not even fit for office. He’s also a communist, although he tries to put lipstick on that pig by calling himself a Democratic Socialist [it’s the same thing].

The millionaire socialist/communist can now go out and raise more money, sell more books about his communist revolution and relax at one of his three homes.

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