Millions of Gun Owners in NJ Are Now Felons Thanks to Governor Murphy


Over one million New Jersey Gun owners are defying Governor Murphy’s gun magazine ban and have ignored demands to turn in guns with more than 10 shots. There are at least ten million now illegal standard capacity gun magazines, Ammoland reports.

Governor Murphy has made a lot of gun owners into felons.

According to Ammoland, the standard magazine for an AR-15 holds 30 rounds. Glock 19s, which is the most popular pistol in the United States, holds 15 rounds. Anyone who is possession of larger magazine is committing a fourth-degree felony.

New Jerseyites had until December 11th, 2018 to turn over magazines to police or sell or store them out of state.

Lawsuits protesting the ban have failed on appeal but many in New Jersey feel the law in unenforceable.

Residents of New Jersey on various message boards have called the magazine ban unenforceable. Some were going as far as laughing at Gov. Murphy and his attempt at regulating magazine size, reports Ammoland.

So far, there is no plan on how to enforce it and some police believe that until there is guidance, they will only file charges against offenders.

No magazines have been turned over to police as of now.

Governor Phil Murphy is a perfectly despicable man, a statist who rules over the once-free people of New Jersey.



  1. ” Governor Phil Murphy is a perfectly despicable man ”
    WHY is he more despicable man then you , you stupid idiots, you dumb retarded idiots elected him and now you can kiss his ASS .You deserve him.

  2. It cannot be enforceable. It is a right, not merely a privilege. All this Governor did was show voting Americans how little respect he has for the Constitution. He is not vote-protected.

  3. It wouldn’t be too far fetched, and maybe necessary for the security of the dictatorship, to institute mass incarceration with concentration camps.

  4. Red flag accusations, perhaps from children, perhaps from social media posts may be used to enforce compliance.

    If you gave birth to a liberal child, or perhaps had family over for Thanksgiving for which someone discovered the safe. You may be going to jail.

  5. Yet no felons were turned into law abiding citizens by turning in their guns, which is what liberals seem to think gun laws will do.

  6. So why did the good people of NJ elect this man to be their Governor?? What did they expect from a Democrat in the Governor’s office?? Elections have consequences.

  7. Quit electing democrats. People that do are the problem. These bastards would not be running if people would stop voting for them. NJ deserves this crap.

    • If Democrats didn’t STEAL elections, you might have a point. But we KNOW they do. So how do we fix it? Trump has one job to do by 2020: secure the elections. If he fails to do that, we’re DONE as a country.

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