Minnesota ISIS Terrorist Was “Smart, Accomplished, Not Violent”, Family Never Suspected



Dahir Adan was identified as the man who randomly stabbed nine people in a Minnesota mall while referring to Allah. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. Adan was “friendly, smart, accomplished” and no one suspected a thing. Great guy?

Even though Isis has taken responsibility, authorities “have no reason to believe” anyone else was involved in the attacks, Police Chief Anderson told the media at a presser.

IS aka Isis and al-Shabaab have been threatening malls and recommending just the types of attacks we saw yesterday in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota.

The St. Cloud Times newspaper said Adan was first identified by the St. Cloud Somali-American community. The newspaper said that leaders of the community had gathered with Adan’s family and expressed sympathy both for his family and the stabbing victims.

That was a PR move.

Community leader Abdul Kulane said the suspect did not have a violent history and described him as “a smart, accomplished student at Apollo High School. He was a junior at St. Cloud State University” who worked as a part-time private security officer, said the St. Cloud Times.

Interviewed Sunday through a translator, Ahmed Adan said his son was born in Africa and had lived in the United States for 15 years.

Police told Ahmed Adan at about 9 p.m. Saturday that his son had died at the mall. He said that he had “no suspicion” of his son being involved in any terror activity. The father added that police raided the apartment on St. Germain street Sunday morning and seized photos and other materials, but they said nothing to him about the stabbings at the mall.

As always, the terrorist who tried to commit mass murder was a good guy and his family never suspected a thing even though he was a “good soldier of Allah” for IS.

Perhaps the family should be deported immediately to send a message? What do you think?

He wounded nine people and three are still hospitalized.

Minnesota has the largest Somali population and it is home to the nation’s largest ongoing terrorism recruitment investigation, with 11 Somali-Minnesotans having been charged since late 2014 in an alleged plot to travel to Syria and join ISIL.

The cases, which followed the departures of several dozen men and women to join the terror group Al-Shabab in Somalia years prior, led the U.S. Department of Justice to select Minneapolis as one of three federal pilot cities for a project to counter radical recruitment, the Star Tribune reported.

Lutheran Social Service, Catholic Charities and World Relief have brought thousands of Somalis into Minnesota, knowing there are no jobs for them and continue to do so. Their unemployment rate is three times that of the rest of the country.

When people come from Shariah law countries, they need to swear off Shariah as part of their pledge of allegiance to the United States because it is in direct opposition to our Constitution. That would be a good start for the investigation.




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