Minnesota Police Chief Wouldn’t Come Back from Vacation After Death of Australian Woman

Chief Janee Harteau

Update: The police chief, a very unpopular, controversial figure, was forced to resign after the fatal shooting of Justine Damond by one of her officers.

We hadn’t heard from the south Minnesota police chief in the death of an Australian woman last week. The Chief finally spoke publicly.

Chief Janee Harteau, referring to the death of an Australian woman Justine Damond, at the hands of officer Mohamed Noor,  said “it never should have happened.”

The reason you didn’t hear from her is because she was on vacation and wouldn’t come back.

The Australian native was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer Saturday night, after she called police to get help for a woman she thought was being attacked in an alley near her home. She then dialed 911 to make sure authorities were responding to the correct address, CBS Minnesota reports. Damond was shot as she came up to the squad’s driver side window, by Officer Mohamed Noor.

Though Harteau defended Noor’s training, Harteau says the shooting “did not have to happen” and that Noor’s actions “go against who we are in the department.”

“Justine didn’t have to die. Based on the BCA information, this should not have happened. We’re talking about the actions of one individual,” Harteau said.

Harteau also said the body cameras, which were not on at the time of the shooting, should have been activated. Likewise, squad car cameras did not capture what happened.

Harteau is controversial and very PC which could be why Noor was in the position after three complaints and a lawsuit after two years. For example, she forces police to use proper pronouns when addressing transgenders.



  1. If I heard it correctly, a little while ago on the radio the Police Chief has resigned. I wasn’t paying that close of attention but that’s what seem to be the case.

  2. Update: The mayor gets chased out of the press conference on the Police Chief resignation. Those in the room were having NONE of her platitudes. They wanted HER to resign, including her staff. Basically, they said she was Worthless as a Mayor. It became so bad and rowdy she had to almost squeeze her way out.

    These liberals are destroying their cities and more and more of the public are getting sick of it. Here in the Metro KC area the murder rate per capita was higher than Chicago. What does the media and Officials do, they create a video #KindKC. This is the sickening video.


    Yeah Right! We don’t accept violence. Then why in hell is the area one of the highest murder rates in the country. The City does absolutely NOTHING about the areas where all this occurs. The City has owned hundreds and hundreds of properties where drug houses developed and are ghetto cesspools which drive more and more people away, including developers. Calls for the demolition of these properties go unheeded. Instead of working to “Fix” THESE problems guess where money is spent. The City spent Over 100 MILLION dollars, yes 100 Million dollars for 2.2 MILES, each way, for a StreetCar. That is 25 Million dollars a mile.

    The City has also been pushing for years to build a new airport, which NOBODY wants, that will cost Billions. And these IDIOT LIBERALS CANNOT understand why their cities are failing the public. I went to a STEM school here in the mid 70’s and would walk all over the place without a single care but Now I will Not go across the State Line unless absolutely necessary.

    After that school I lived in Detroit and at that time Detroit was a great bustling city. It was a nice city to live in. NOW, many parts look like a third world country.

    And for THIS reason I voted Trump, even though at first I hadn’t planned on even voting. He is the only person in my lifetime that has deep concerns on what has happened to this country. He wants to improve these areas and for Politicians to do everything under the sun to inhibit that is treasonous. This should be the theme of upcoming campaigns. No one else has been willing or even spoke about improving lives in a meaningful way.

  3. S. Noble:

    Thanks for the kind words. I grew up in a household that spawned many discussions and viewed them with much interest.

  4. Suicide is fatal but no one is listening. Of course, depending on the news outlet, the Chief Janee Harteau resigned while others say she was forced out.

    One thing is certain, this should not have happened and unless law enforcement agencies purge their ranks of Muslim scum, it will continue.

  5. Based on what I’ve read, Noor fired across his partner and out of the drivers window. That gross breach of police standards should be more than enough to fire him.

    • Fire is an understatement. He should be tried for murder and his former complaints should be taken into account.

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