Minnesota Legislator Might Have Married Her Brother While Married, Continued…


Minnesota Legislator Might Be a Bigamist Married to Her Brother

Last summer, Scott Johnson of power line blog uncovered the “curious” case of Ilhan Omar who was elected to the state legislature in November. She is a Somali-American who took the oath of office on a giant Quran. Her speeches to the community, which takes in “Little Mogadishu”, are often in her native language.

There is something far more interesting in her case and it is relevant given that she is something of a Democratic up-and-coming star. Ms. Omar lives with the father of her three children, who she allegedly married in 2002 (though it could be someone else yet again), but is currently married to another man who appears to be her brother.

It could be an immigration fraud case. This doesn’t seem to negatively affect her standing with Democrats and the media who insist on covering for her.

Where are the investigative reporters?

One Statement and Few Answers

On August 17 Omar issued a brief written statement purporting to clarify her marital history. A professional wrote it no doubt.

Omar says she is now married to the love of her life, the man she lives with and who fathered her three children. They temporarily separated, she wrote in her statement, and she married a man named Elmi. After two years, she was back with the love of her life but did not divorce Elmi.

She denied that her husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was her brother. Elmi currently lives in the UK but went to school in the states while married to Omar.

Mr. Johnson said that since the statement, Omar has refused interviews and the media has cooperated. She’s Muslim and must not be offended with questions.

More Evidence

Alpha News reporter Preya Samsundar has followed up on the story. Mr. Johnson reports that she has tracked down and corresponded with Omar’s apparent husband — husband number 2, the guy she legally married, not “the love of her life.” (I say “apparent” husband because if he is her brother, the marriage would be void under Minnesota law.) Samsundar has concluded that Omar’s apparent husband is her brother.

Earlier this month, Mr. Johnson continued writing about the story. Omar is becoming a national celebrity, and has been interviewed by People magazine. She’s been to the White House to discuss policy.

We need to know if she committed immigration fraud.

There are many questions about her story from sources other than Mr. Johnson and Preya Samsundar and there are other oddities.

Mr. Johnson is done commenting for now. Read more at city-journal

Evidence, She Could Even Have Another Marriage

Read about the evidence which is growing.




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7 years ago

Bigamy is not a crime anymore?