Minnie the Cow Has Disappeared, Leftists Lose


minnie the cow

For those of you who followed the case of Long Island’s Minnie the Cow, the saga has ended…maybe. Minnie the Cow who was described by animal activists as dog-like, is missing.

In mid-April, its owners said she’s gone and they have nothing more to say.

“On Friday morning, we moved the cow from our property. We will not be answering any additional questions about her,” the Benner family said by email.

Radical animal activists in East Setauket Long Island got word that one of the few farmers left, perhaps the last one in East Setauket, was getting ready to slaughter his cow for food. The Benner family who own the farm live off the land and bought Minnie so she could one day feed the family for a year.

Word got out to Kimberly Sherriton of Commack when she went to a birthday party at the farm. She said “I broke down crying when I heard they were going to kill that cow.”

Look at the photo above and the woman with a sign that says “You don’t eat family.” Did she give birth to a cow? I’m just wondering.

Sherriton has a group of about 20 who agree with her and they’ve been protesting every Saturday outside the farm.

Hello, it’s a farm!

One of her compatriots wrote in a Facebook post that “the Benners made insensitive and hostile arguments for killing and eating Minnie, and the various reasons given for their stubborn refusal to allow Minnie to go to a sanctuary, range from the implausible to the downright ridiculous.”

The Benner’s comments were what you would expect from a farmer:

“There’s nothing cute or cuddly anymore about Minnie”; she has grown “sharp horns”; Jean Benner argues, if “I send her to live in a sanctuary someplace,” Minnie would have “no reason for being” because “her only reason for being is to be a meat animal… That’s what she was born to be! “; and finally, Bob Benner says he’s “worried about setting a precedent” by sparing Minnie, because, next time, he will “have to do it for somebody else that falls in love with a chicken in ten minutes!”

What I want to know is how it is anyone’s business what a farmer does with his own animals?

Busybody Sherriton, 47, said, “She’s so affectionate and playful. She licks like a puppy dog, and she’s treated like a pet.”

Does this look like a dog to you?


Sherriton wants to buy Minnie and put her in an animal sanctuary – saving one animal at a time – but the Benners bought her for the quality of meat they would never be able to afford.

Minnie is now missing. No one can find her and Sherriton is demanding answers. She said the cow is a member of the community. No, I’m not kidding.

All I can say is, “Yum, steak!”

This is the background story.

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