Miracle in Suffolk County and It’s All Because of PSEG


I have proof there is a God. The Suffolk County Long Island Power Company, which is actually New Jersey’s power company – PSEG – is responsible for this miracle. Their response to the first major snow storm, which resulted in an accumulation of about 8 inches of snow, is being lauded by our local politicians for their marked success and it is no less than a miracle.

The political establishment are ecstatic and are comparing the response by LIPA to Hurricane Sandy with the response by PSEG to yesterday’s ordinary snowstorm.

They did such a great job on a storm that only had 800 outages. Magnificent!

The fix is in. Cuomo decided this was the way to go and everyone is on board. No matter what PSEG does, all will say it was great.

Hopefully, PSEG will do well but this was hardly a test.

Babylon Town Supervisor Richard Schaffer said, ‘With LIPA, it was pretty much a bunker mentality. You had to find them, as opposed to PSEG.’ How can that be true? The same people are still on the job.

The reason I say it’s a miracle is because the workers who handled this crisis – the ordinary 8 inch snowfall – are the same workers who handled Hurricane Sandy through LIPA.

PSEG didn’t change employees so I guess the workers were infused with the Holy Ghost because they went from incompetent to outstanding in a very short time.

It fact, this change took place in only two days. PSEG has been in control for only two days and were able to somehow conjure up this miracle.

They had fewer outages than during Hurricane Sandy we are told.

One would certainly hope so since yesterday’s storm was a very typical snowfall compared with Hurricane Sandy which was a 100-year storm.


Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano said, ‘They were clearly prepared because we did not experience many outages.’ Huh?

How do you prepare for outages? Did they have workers standing on every corner watching for falling trees?

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said PSEG was easier to reach and their communications were specific. One example he cited was the fact that they explained the wind levels and how they might affect power outages. Wow! Brilliant!

Watching The Weather Channel and using a little common sense could bring about the same result. Predictions, of course, mean bupkis anyway.

The only difference between PSEG and LIPA is the amount of money they are spending on the PR campaign. PSEG also has a lot of help from the politicians.

The establishment politicos love this phony PR campaign and are more than happy to take part in it because it will help them get re-elected and stay on the good side of Andrew Cuomo.


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