Miss America Officials Want Gretchen Carlson and Her Feminist Board Gone!


Miss America pageant officials are trying to stop Gretchen Carlson and her army of Social Justice Warrior Women — feminists — from ruining the beauty contest.

A petition calling for the resignation of the entire Miss America board, to include Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson and President and CEO Regina Hopper, has received signatures from 22 state pageant officials, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

An opposition letter signed by 30 former Miss Americas, said they “fully support” Carlson and the current leadership, who “have been working tirelessly to move our program forward,” The Press reported.

The petition expresses a vote of “no confidence” in the MAO’s Board of Trustees and Hopper, citing a lack of transparency and adherence to best practices.

Gretchen Carlson And Her Feminists Are In Danger of Ruining the Pageant

Gretchen Carlson is turning the pageant into the Gong Show. It’s no longer a beauty contest, instead, it will be a lot of women of various shapes, sizes, and appearances showing their talent and expressing their goals in life. It’s another talent show in other words.

Her first move was to push out the board and hire all women. Her next move was to eliminate the bathing suit contest. She also intends to modify the evening gown portion of the pageant, which she now calls a “competition.” The women will choose whatever they want to wear. That should be a thrill as man-hating feminists come out in hippie clothes and spectacles.

Contestants will no longer be judged on their outward appearance. Women of all shapes and sizes will compete. Obese, ugly, bearded ladies? It’s going to be about their goals and who they are as people. Yikes! What man is going to turn it on?

Carlson is not worried about the ratings because she said, people are interested in the talent portion.

Carlson says it will empower women, but it’s hard to see how when no one turns it on?

The Miss America terminator is proud of her own #MeToo lawsuit that led to her boss’s death. Ken LaCorte, former Fox News executive, wrote about that: “Certainly, no one reading Gretchen Carlson’s claims against Ailes – even if you believe every word of it – would think the case was worth anywhere near $20 million.”

Carlson’s a moonbat snowflake.



  1. Beauty pageants were stupid to begin with. They haven’t been relevant since porn has become so readily accessible and of unlimited variety. Let Gretch have her stupid new Helen Ruddy Show. It will last exactly one episode. Then Gretch will be one more roaring dame frustrated at all men everywhere for being sexist pigs; and men will, as always, not care what women think about men.

  2. She got ahead in the world with beauty. Now that she has all the money she needs, she wants to cut out that opportunity for others. She was quite conservative at Fox. She showed lots of skin that she did not need to show on that network. This is very hypocritical. The pageant is not her plaything to act out her latest phase.

  3. Weird that Carlson–a previous Miss America–wants to remove the beauty aspect of the competition. AND she’s a “Conservative” on Fox News!

    Sad…I like her…but this IS ruining Miss America.

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