Mississippians! If You Want a Shady Thug for Senator, Espy’s Your Man


Mike Espy, Mississippi Senate candidate, is tied to an African strongman accused of crimes against humanity. Espy paid off more than a quarter million dollars in outstanding income taxes after undertaking a financially rewarding lobbying contract for the African despot.

Espy, lawyer, lobbyist, commentator, was a Clinton-era cabinet official who resigned over allegations of financial and ethical impropriety.

He is wealthy, but still managed to have eight different tax liens filed against him by the IRS for failing to pay taxes, even while serving as a member of Congress and while serving in the Department of Agriculture.

He was a sketchy agriculture chief as well.

Espy took a lucrative lobbying gig with Cote d-Ivoire’s then-President Laurent Gbagbo and made $750,000 for three-months work. Gbagbo ordered forces to kill, rape and torture opponents when he lost his election.

He also received another payment of $350,000 from Gbagbo’s group.

In 2016, Gbagbo became the first former head of state to be tried before the International Criminal Court for his crimes.

Espy’s tax liens are as recent as 2011.

His opponent Cindy Hyde-Smith has been unjustly smeared by the media and his campaign and accused of racism over an innocuous comment and an innocuous joke.

Espy and the media are playing his past down or ignoring it completely. Be afraid Mississippi! Vote!

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