MIT Study Estimates 22 Million Are in the US Illegally, Not 11 Million


According to a new study, there are 22.1 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

The study was published Friday by Mohammad Fazel-Zarandi, a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management who also teaches at Yale.

The estimates from the study show there are about 22.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. today. Most frequently cited estimates put the number between 11 and 12 million.

Even the lower bound of the MIT study’s range, 16.7 million, is nearly 50 percent higher than the 11.3 million estimated by the Pew Research Center for 2016.

The problem with inaccurate estimates Dr. Fazel-Zarandi and his co-authors Edward Kaplan and Jonathan Feinstein of Yale University say lies in the methods used by researchers.


Past estimates came from population surveys and legal immigration records.

Fazel-Zarandi and his colleagues used mathematical modeling based on “operational data” — border apprehensions, deportations, visa overstays and demographic data — to arrive at their estimate.

It eliminated a great deal of uncertainty, they say.

“It’s very likely that undocumented immigrants are more difficult to locate and survey than other foreign-born residents, and if contacted, they might be inclined to misreport their country of origin, citizenship, and the number of household residents fearing the legal consequences of revealing their status,” Fazel-Zarandi in a news release. “Any of these circumstances would lead to underestimating the true number of unauthorized immigrants.”


About 70 to 80 percent will be Democrat voters once they receive amnesty if they aren’t voting already.

Democrats would like us to give all the people here illegally amnesty. Even a small portion of this number is a game changer politically. It only took amnesty for an original 1.5 million to transform the red state of California to a socialist state. Read more at National Economics Editorial.

With chain migration, that means those 23 million get to pick millions more just like themselves which is not diverse. It doesn’t count all the anchor babies and who they bring in via chain migration.

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