Mitch McConnell Comes Out With a Very Encouraging Message


Senate Majority Leader wants everyone to calm down because the Republicans are unanimously in support of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, he announced.

“I’m pleased to announce that all 51 Republican members of the Senate support the motion to proceed to the nomination,” McConnell said on the Senate floor hours after spineless Jeff Flake flip-flopped. “One hundred percent of the Republican conference supports proceeding to the Kavanaugh nomination.”

“Judge Kavanaugh testified on every topic from complicated legal subjects to sensitive personal matters,” McConnell said. “And there were testimony and statements from countless personal friends, classmates, coworkers, former clerks, and other associates.”

SUCKER! Suckered by the Soros babes.

Many Republicans were infuriated by Jeff Flake being suckered by the Soros ‘victim’ babes, but the Senate Republicans might have heard the people. If they want the Senate and House in November, they had better hear the populace. They might have heard one furious former Secret Service agent — the indomitable Dan Bongino.

The FBI investigation was kicked off hours after President Trump ordered a “supplemental” one week probe. It should be completed by Friday.

Agents reached out on Friday to schedule an interview with one of two other women who has made accusations against Kavanaugh during his time in high school and as a college student at Yale, according to the Los Angeles Times. The FBI contacted the woman’s attorneys and asked to interview her “as early as tonight.”

Porny lawyer

Porny lawyer Michael Avenatti has a sketchy woman as a client claiming all sorts of crazy things. He thinks her bizarre tale will rule the day.

He also wants to be your president in 2020.

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