Mitch McConnell’s About to Betray the President


Republicans in the Senate actually prayed the day the President was supposed to sign that absolutely awful spending-border bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to support the President with a National Emergency Declaration if he signed the bill.

Well, that’s changed. Now McConnell isn’t sure it’s legal. It’s clearly legal since the Congress ceded that power in the 1970s for then-President Jimmy Carter. If they want to change it in the future, they should, but for now, it’s perfectly legal.

This is a very bad sign for the vote in the Senate to stop the declaration. If Republicans side with the Socialists against the President, what hope does this country have?

There are at least seven Republicans who are unhappy about the declaration and his comments could sway others.

Vice President Mike Pence rushed to the Senate on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to convince GOP senators to oppose a resolution approved by the House that would block President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall on the Mexican border, the Hill reported.

Pence lunched with Senate Republicans hours before the House vote, but what he said afterward was not encouraging.

“I haven’t reached a total conclusion,” McConnell told reporters when asked for his personal opinion on the legality of Trump’s move.

It is not McConnell’s job to determine legality. A court can decide that. He should be sticking up for his President.

These Republicans would rather have Socialists take over than support Donald Trump. They let this national emergency power stay in place under Carter, the Bush’s, Obama, but now that it’s Donald Trump trying to protect our borders, they suddenly noticed they gave their power away.



  1. No surprise here….Mitch is an old school dyed in the wool establishment career politician. I am convinced that neither party knows what the he_l they are doing. A bunch of sniveling , lying, self serving, wicked people in DC, left and right, they are all not worth the time of day. We need a peoples revolution, march by the millions week after week to the Capitol building and DEMAND they start serving WE THE PEOPLE not themselves and the puppet masters behind the curtain that pay to pay and give money like its Christmas to these corrupt A-holes. Wake up people, this is not a Left thing nor a Right thing, we ALL are being screwed by these criminals in Congress. We need to stop trying to rip each other up and put our energies in the right place… the demons and liars in Congress that think we are nothing but stupid sheep and go about doing whatever is going to line their pockets the most. They love all the hate going on, because as long as they can keep the citizens at each others throats, they can do whatever and we will not notice. Be for the American citizen party, don’t waste your energy on these dead and corrupt parties.

  2. Only a fool would ever trust Mitch McConnell. I still wonder about the profitability of Mitch’s Chinese connection by way of his wife and her rich Chinese father. A lot of men can be bought, the Chinese are notorious for buying people and it is my opinion Mitch isn’t above being bought.

  3. They will need 66 to override Trump’s veto, and then Republicans can vote these traitors out when they’re up for re-election. The Republicans who vote for this are voting to have America turned into a third world latino chittehole. They are voting to hand this country to people who have done NOTHING to earn it like your families have over the centuries.

  4. This whole thing was a scam from the beginning. Trump has no intention of stopping or even slowing the flow of illegal labor. Everything we are watching is just pacify-ops, while the Leftists finish what a Hitlery Presidency was supposed to finishes. The Fabians have owned us from both sides since Reagan left office.

    • The party is now left of center. It actually abandons it’s core principles (i.e. border security, national security, budget restraint, …) to hurt Trump.

  5. This man needs to get a set of balls. This is one reason real conservatives are tired of the GOP. They get in power and then sit on their hands. I get tired of dealing with these gutless pricks.

  6. The Dem/Rep swamp re-emerges in reptilian form seeing a last chance to undermine Trump. No surprise. McConnel has made $23 million from undisclosed sources. You get what you pay for. They may be waiting for the exact moment they can finally attack. Trouble is Trump has an uncanny way of winning against odds. Should be fun to watch. Keep in mind. When Trump goes the US will go Globalist-Socialist at the next election. Probably inevitable so no use getting excited. We are doomed long term but can fight Alamo-like to the bitter end!

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