Mitch McConnell’s About to Betray the President


Republicans in the Senate actually prayed the day the President was supposed to sign that absolutely awful spending-border bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to support the President with a National Emergency Declaration if he signed the bill.

Well, that’s changed. Now McConnell isn’t sure it’s legal. It’s clearly legal since the Congress ceded that power in the 1970s for then-President Jimmy Carter. If they want to change it in the future, they should, but for now, it’s perfectly legal.

This is a very bad sign for the vote in the Senate to stop the declaration. If Republicans side with the Socialists against the President, what hope does this country have?

There are at least seven Republicans who are unhappy about the declaration and his comments could sway others.

Vice President Mike Pence rushed to the Senate on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to convince GOP senators to oppose a resolution approved by the House that would block President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall on the Mexican border, the Hill reported.

Pence lunched with Senate Republicans hours before the House vote, but what he said afterward was not encouraging.

“I haven’t reached a total conclusion,” McConnell told reporters when asked for his personal opinion on the legality of Trump’s move.

It is not McConnell’s job to determine legality. A court can decide that. He should be sticking up for his President.

These Republicans would rather have Socialists take over than support Donald Trump. They let this national emergency power stay in place under Carter, the Bush’s, Obama, but now that it’s Donald Trump trying to protect our borders, they suddenly noticed they gave their power away.

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