Mitch says it’s a “grave strategic mistake” to ever, ever leave Syria


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has a very low-key approach to defending the President against a vicious assault by out of control Democrats, has taken a strong stand against getting out of endless wars and leaving a thousand soldiers in harm’s way as the crazed Turks march into Syria to fight the crazed Kurds who are now protected by the crazed Assad forces.

McConnell blasted the President in an op-ed for the far-left Washington Post.

“Withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria is a grave strategic mistake,” McConnell wrote. “It will leave the American people and homeland less safe, embolden our enemies, and weaken important alliances.”

But…but, Mitch, what about our borders with all those anonymous people pouring in?

McConnell added: “Sadly, the recently announced pullout risks repeating the Obama administration’s reckless withdrawal from Iraq, which facilitated the rise of the Islamic State in the first place.”

He has NO SUCH ANGST about the U.S. border, only the Syrian border!

The Sinoloa cartel unleashed a furious gun battle with Mexican forces just to the south of our border this week over the arrest of El Chapo’s son. The Mexicans gave in and let El Chapo’s vicious son go free. Does any of this penetrate the weak minds of our politicians, ever?

When will they start trusting this President?

We have a thousand of our soldiers safe to the south of the fighting and not mowed down; there is a cease-fire; the people who should be dealing with the problem are; and Turkey is our ally — REMEMBER MITCH??? Also, we never promised the Kurds we would fight to win a country for them, especially not on the border of their mortal enemies country.

We also armed the Kurds pretty heavily and they were paid.

There are negatives, of that there is no doubt, but we need to stop fighting endless wars throughout the world when our country is being invaded by cartels and probably plenty of terrorists.

The Kurds have control of social media and have been crying that the cease-fire didn’t work, which isn’t the case. But the lapdog media and the angry politicians take it all on face value.

And, hey, what about those warmongering Democrats, huh? What happened to their make love, not war slogans? They gave up on peace a long time ago. Never forget Libya.

Where was the concern when 30,000 Kurds died under Barack Obama’s watch?

As Trump said, no more American lives should be lost to the centuries-long dispute in the Middle East.

The Senate Majority Leader should be concerned about our civil rights. We’re losing them. If Trump loses them, we all lose them.



  1. Mitch, pick up a gun and send yourself to the mid east along with the rest of Congress. My 3 sons have all served..Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and they bear the scars and all having been in intelligence and special forces say the mid east is tribal. We are doing nothing but enriching those countries with taxpayer monies. Never should have been involved in first place. Never.

  2. Naturally all of the Establishment stooges on both sides love these quagmire wars because theres scads of different sources of money and power woven right into them. Mitch isn’t a trustworthy ally because he’s in it for life.

  3. I see, Mitch supports defending Assad, the oppressor. That’s who he’s fighting for, along with the MIC that funds his campaigns and benefits from all the war spending.

    • China Mitch supports the deep state and its desire to invest heavily in intervention. There are many oppressors in the world.

  4. China Mitch is grandstanding for his upcoming election. He’d love to remove Trump from office. He may leave office a disgraced coward just like Sessions.

  5. How many centuries have the Turks and the Kurds been at each others throats now? Umm, think I’ll defer to the President’s judgment on this one Mitch ole buddy.

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