Mitch TROLLS & AOC has a NEW BILLBOARD with a COW on it! LOL


The Job Creators Network created another billboard in Times Square that appears to ding the New York Stalinist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stalled effort to push an ambitious climate proposal through Congress. The group strongly suggested O-Cortez’s Green New Deal costs might be one of the reasons why it is stalling.

“Hey AOC: Got the Green Raw Deal Blues After that Senate Vote? Maybe No One Liked the $93,000,000,000,000 Price Tag,” the billboard states, adding “(Wow, that’s a lot of zeros).

It is tagged, ‘’.

The billboard references a February report from American Action Forum indicating the GND could cost up to $93 trillion over a decade [probably a lot more].

The billboard message started out with “Maybe it’s those farting cows? LOL” and has a photo of an shocked cow.

Next to it is another billboard and it says, “Hey AOC, the Green New Deal Stinks”.

Yes it does! Here is the billboard. It might take a few seconds to come up.

The Green Raw New Deal was voted on in the Senate yesterday and the cowardly Democrats failed to stand up for it. Yet, ALL of their announced presidential candidates support it and say they want it now!

The Senate voted on the Green New Deal today: 0 Yeas, 57 Nays, and 43 Senators voted PRESENT! They know it’s absurd but they are catering to their communist and socialist base, without whom they cannot win elections.

Mitch McConnell trolled the hypocrites with an embarrassing montage. They said they wanted the GND NOW! [But they wouldn’t vote for it NOW!]

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Emanuel Galdes
Emanuel Galdes
3 years ago

Addled Occluded Cunt voted into power by other addled occluded cunts.

3 years ago

The billboard with ““Hey AOC, the Green New Deal Stinks” should have had a picture of a cow’s butt as a push thru graphic.

always uncivil
always uncivil
3 years ago

Ol’ Turkey Neck is even doing some things right like the pink palmetto princess aka McCain’s Rumpranger Lindsey Grahamnesty as for the double digit IQ socialist bint…always pure comedy gold.