Mitch’s Dem opponent lied in her launch video! CNN says, ‘What a disaster!’


Amy McGrath, a former fighter pilot, flip-flopped three times on whether she would have voted for Justice Kavanaugh. CNN even made note of her crazy flip-flopping in record time — within hours. CNN agrees she’s a disaster, and that was before the big lie.

You can be sure Amy would not have voted for Kavanaugh no matter what she says on different days and at different times since she claims she’s the most progressive Democrat in Kentucky. That also came as a big surprise. McGrath tries to present as a moderate.


It seems she lied in her campaign video. In the video, she showed letters from constituents to Mitch McConnell which she suggested he ignored. Well, guess what! They were sent the same day as her announcement. Her ‘constituents’ sure didn’t give Mitch much time to answer! Mitch received two on Thursday after her Tuesday launch and they were postmarked Tuesday.

That’s so sad. How did she get to be a fighter pilot? Affirmative Action?

From Roll Call:

The video implies that McConnell never responded, but it appears the letters were sent Tuesday, the same day that McGrath announced her bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge him.

A spokesman for McConnell told CQ Roll Call on Friday that the senator’s Louisville office received three of the four letters featured in the video on Thursday. They were postmarked on Tuesday.

It is the worst launch in modern times. Her comments are so cringe-worthy, they could make your eyes bleed.

Joe Biden wants to push to beat McConnell. Lots of luck Joe! CNN said she raised $2.5 million in the first 24 hours after her launch. How unaware are these donors?

The far-left Intercept doesn’t like her either even though she says she’s a progressive — she’s one with them. One reason the Intercept gave is, in her last election, the former bomber pilot showed herself bombing — presumably people.


Team Mitch jumped right on the flip-flopping and is now into footwear.

Team Mitch is very happy to have her as the competition.

Now here’s a poll that’s good for laughs.

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