Mitt Romney Defines the Election in Irwin, Pa – Individual Liberty or Big Government


Mitt Romney & America’s Future

In a speech on July 15th, Barack Obama put forth his collectivist, redistributive vision for the United States. The President said this, ‘If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’ [Washington Times]

Much of Barack Obama’s speech was careful and noncommittal, but then he slipped and the Emperor had no clothes.

Barack Obama’s vision is that of the Occupy Wall Streeters who despise capitalism.

His words are clearly borne out by his actions of the last three-and-a-half years.

Barack Obama claims that he has cut the taxes of small businesses 18 times and it’s a lie as Investors pointed out. He has passed thousands of regulations that negatively impact businesses.

He wants to tax business people even more excessively than they already are while our economy is on a “fiscal cliff” as Bernanke has repeatedly warned.

A Marist poll out Friday reported that 69% of young people (18-29) and 52% of registered voters believe the taxes should not be raised for ANYONE! [McClatchy DC]

Barack Obama is not a fan of capitalism and he believes that Big Big Government is the answer to everything, in conflict with American values.

No one knew Ronald Reagan was going to be Ronald Reagan until he became President Reagan. Mitt Romney has that same potential. His speech today was in defense of liberty and it was inspiring. He clearly defined who we are as Americans and he defined the clear choice we face in November.