Mitt Romney Is Torching Trump Again & Cornyn Sends Out a Startling Tweet

Screenshot of Mitt Romney

In remarks to reporters today, Romney said that “by all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”

“When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated,” Romney further noted.

It would be nice if he waited for all the evidence to come in.

Romney’s remarks come after Trump told reporters Thursday that Ukraine and China should investigate the Biden family for possible corruption. The president has lambasted the Bidens for Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

RINO Trump haters, Sen. Ben Sasse and Rep. William Hurd also criticized the President’s actions without saying they were appalled. They expressed their opinions publicly but left out the virtue-signaling.

Mitt Romney, the Utah senator, is now, unsurprisingly, very popular with progressives.


Senator Cornyn put out an interesting tweet, saying the Department of Justice is investigating the Bidens. He then went on to say “The point is Trump haters believe an investigation of foreign influence by a Democrat administration is just fine, but if done by a Republican administration, it is grounds for impeachment.”

It should be investigated. If they’re innocent, great, if not, mete out the punishments.



  1. What do you do with a rabid dog, the Democrats have turned into a rabid party and need to be put out of their misery. Never again will I vote for a democrat.

    • He is a LAZY loser that can’t stand the fact that Trump has done what he couldn’t. He was a terrible candidate and he gave B.O. the second term on a silver platter. (Possibly on purpose) He could be a demopcrap plant in the G.O.P.

  2. Senator Cornyn is absolutely right, it seems a case of the Dems can dish it out but they can’t take it! As for Romney, he’s been a loser all along-he used his Mormon buddies to get in a position of political influence, while pretending to be the President’s friend. Then he shows his true colors by disrupting The Presidents agenda? Maybe he should switch sides and run as a Democrat-I would love to see the President chew him up and spit him out once and for all!

  3. The president has a constitutional duty to have allegations of corruption investigated, even if the person is someone challenging him for the presidency.

    • Not a given. My Mormon cousins can’t stand Romney and extremely disappointed with his comments and actions (they love Trump).

    • I’m a Mormon, Mitt was in my congregation, and I can’t stand his two face, whining, weak, cowardly, elitist attitude. Utah Mormons can’t stand him. We know his monied cabal, and Sen. Hatch’s 36 year ole political machine stole the election. Also know Mittens, national security advisor of the 2012 campaign is former CIA and sits on the board of Burisma. Need to look into Mitt’s son, Tag, who is involved with China equity market like Hunter Biden. Time force deep dive into Mittens and his family. Mitt also dines with Soros.

  4. Mitt who?? Hahaha!! This story might as well be about that fool DeNiro foaming at the mouth. They’re both babbling idiots who’s opinions equal……..NOTHING.
    Wake me when something relevant happens.

  5. Once upon a time I was a fan of Mitt Romney, supported his Father George. but Mitt is not 10% of the man his Dad was, he just is a bitter person and needs to just go away.

  6. just like his father was when Goldwater was running, mitt is going to be a jerk as well. but trump isn’t Goldwater…he’ll give mitt a haircut down to his shoulders.

  7. Mitt is trying to Position himself as an alternative to President Trump…..Don’t Laugh, Power does strange things to people like Romney who just missed grabbing the Gold Ring…..He will go to his Grave muttering….”I thought I Could” !!!!

  8. What’s Rummy Hiding? He doth protest too much. Maybe he is part of the cabal? Time to deep dive on Mutts. Maybe a few other kiddies of Rino’s are on the Take.

    • My thoughts exactly! This is the new litmus test…the more a politician hates Trump, the more he has to hide from the people.

  9. So. Whadda ya gonna do, Mitt?
    Even with the MSM doing their best to cover for you and your buddies, the truth is forming up. And in your case (the Deep State), it ain’t purty.
    Think you can turn public opinion against Trump, enough to make him fail in re-election? Nahhhh… your kind of money doesn’t bet on those odds.
    No. Your kind of money doesn’t “give up” either.
    You and your fellows are facing the last option. One used to good effect in the past. So far.
    Kill Trump.
    It’s your last card and I have no doubt you and yours will make their best effort to play it successfully when the time comes. (soon)

  10. RINO Romney is just like his Mormon brother Dingy Harry Reed. They’re both prevaricating back stabbers and lack character and integrity.

  11. Maybe Mitt ought to explain that his own son, Tag, has been dealing with the China equities like Hunter Biden. Also, Romney’s former national security adviser for his 2012 campaign is former CIA and sits on the board of Burisma. Romney is corrupt, plays the same game as the Dems with a self righteous twist.

    • trump needs to have it investigated why his daughter could not get things trade marked before he was president and now gets all the trade marks she wants. and also the corruption of his son in law and sons have in their buisness dealings with the saudis

      • Dealing with Saudi Arabia doesn’t make you anymore corrupt than dealing with China, or Cuba, Mexico, or Equador. Actually it makes you less corrupt by your standard than dealing with China. The Bushs deal with China, the Clintons and just about anyone who has anything to do with the oil or arms industries. Even we, as Americans, deal with Saudi Arabia whenever we fill up. Grow up, if you’re going to say it’s vile to deal with Saudi Arabia then I have over 100 other countries it would be more problematic to deal with.

  12. I am embarrassed to admit working for Mittens and Lyin’ Ryan during their campaign against OBungler. The swamp is huge and filled with vermin!

  13. Trump gets hammered daily and twice on Sundays and why doesn’t Goody Boy Mitt make some reference to Trump’s insane critics and their obvious lies?

  14. If the situation were reversed and a President (say… Obama, for instance) requested that a foreign government cooperate in an ONGOING investigation of a corruption of (coincidentally) a political opponent, the Democrats would justify the action using their current favorite motto: “No man is above the law.”

    If Biden committed a crime in order to put money in his son’s pocket, he should be investigated and prosecuted.

  15. yep trump and biden are both dirty and should both be taken down. this country needs a great president like bernie sanders and you all need to get his problem , which is biden out of his way

  16. I supported Romney when he ran for President. I would never support him again. He is a Pompous ass. He lost all credibility & respect from me. If President Trump is impeached Every Republican should drain there 401Ks & watch the Dems drown with their liberal bull shit.

  17. I don’t know what Obama had on him he had him come to the Whitehouse the night of election and he promptly went back home and his afterwords and stayed out of the public eye for a while.

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