Mizzou’s Fascist Professor Click Is Gone


What does it take to fire a fascist professor who tried to arrange an assault of a student journalist for trying to film a protest she was involved in?

It takes a lot.


The University of Missouri Board of Curators fired fascist professor Melissa Click on Thursday. Click is the assistant professor in Communications who called for “some muscle” to remove student reporters from the campus protest by the radical Concerned Student 1950 group.

As an aside to give you a sense of what was going on, the group made a list of bizarre demands you can read on this link.

It’s the group that forced the resignation of the university president Tim Wolfe for doing nothing wrong.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, Pam Henrickson, chair of the University of Missouri Board of Curators, said:

“The board believes that Dr. Click’s conduct was not compatible with university policies and did not meet expectations for a university faculty member. The circumstances surrounding Dr. Click’s behavior, both at a protest in October when she tried to interfere with police officers who were carrying out their duties, and at a rally in November, when she interfered with members of the media and students who were exercising their rights in a public space and called for intimidation against one of our students, we believe demands serious action.”

Click says she’s sorry but she wasn’t when she was stirring up trouble and banning the First Amendment.

Mark Schierbecker, the University of Missouri student-journalist who filmed mass media professor Melissa Click calling for “some muscle” to remove him from the protest area on campus filed a police report against her alleging simple assault.

On January 25, 2016, the city prosecutor brought a charge against Click for assaulting Schierbecker. Two days later she was suspended.

Lawmakers talked about cutting millions from the university’s budget. Money talks.

She shouldn’t have a problem getting another job at one of our leftist universities.

Here she is calling for “some muscle.”

Click did the same thing before to another student journalist.