Mizzou’s Ferguson II “Protesters” Make New Leftist Demands



Josh Earnest and Barack Obama are celebrating the “courage” of the Mizzou football players. Earnest was asked about it at the press conference Monday and responded by encouraging more of it. It’s a good get out the vote effort.

“Well, Kevin, I think what’s notable about this particular situation is that you had a small group on campus mobilize other voices on campus that all spoke out together. And I don’t think that this started — the point is this started with a small group of people, but you quickly saw them build support all across campus, even among the non-black student population. And I think that is a testament to shared values of that community and the commitment to fighting hate and intolerance, and promoting an atmosphere where all the students who admitted to that university can find a home there. And that is a significant challenge that does not just stand before the University of Missouri. It stands before colleges and universities all across the country. And I would anticipate that while the University of Missouri is apparently the first one to have such a high profile debate about some of these issues, I am confident it’s not the last.”

How is it courageous to demand a president of a university be fired?


The main complaint from the student minority was that there are too many whites and the president committed the crime of being white and male. He resigned after not apologizing for his white privilege.

There are a few racist incidents recorded but there is little information on them and it would be interesting to find out who was responsible. If leftists did it for PR value, you would never find out. Thirty-two football players joined in, a coach joined and some faculty. Then Deans jumped in.

It’s called mob mentality and there is nothing courageous about it.

Check out the outrageous, leftist list of demands on this link.

The president only has a BA degree and that’s unforgivable. Many of the elitist faculty couldn’t accept that. The loss of money if their team didn’t play the remaining games undoubtedly drove the president’s decision to resign so quickly. He also committed the unforgivable crime of getting rid of the campus Planned Parenthood.

An obviously left wing professor referred to this exchange from Friday between President Wolfe and the protesters as a reason for the faculty joining. You see, he didn’t answer the question the right way – like a leftist.

Here it is:

A student asked, “Tim Wolfe, what do you think systematic oppression is?”

Wolfe says, “It’s — systematic oppression is because you don’t believe that you have the equal opportunity for success — ”

The crowd of students reacts negatively, and the chatter is mostly inaudible.

Someone in the crowd yells, “Did you just blame us for systematic oppression, Tim Wolfe? Did you just blame black students —” before the video cuts off.

Listen to the leftist teacher chime in here:

Now that they’ve gotten their way and ruined the career of the president of the university – Tim Wolfe – they have, unsurprisingly, promised more trouble.

“We, the original 11 organizers of Concerned Student 1950 are a coalition of students mobilizing outside of traditional, organizational affiliations. We share the same concerns and commitment to justice, equality and liberation. Our goal is to abolish inequalities at the intersection of race at the University of Missouri Columbia.

While today may seem bright to some, this is just a beginning of aiding and dismantling systems of oppression within higher education, specifically the UM system. The resignation of Tim Wolfe is a glimmer of hope for historically margined students whose voices have been silenced by patriarchal, white male institutions.

Moving forward, Concerned Student 1950 demands an immediate meeting with the UM System faculty council, board of curators and the governor of the state of Missouri to discuss shared governance and create a system of holistic inclusion for all constituents. Again, moving forward, Concerned Student 1950 demands an immediate meeting with UN System faculty council, board of curators and the governor of the state of Missouri to discuss shared governance and create a system for holistic inclusion for all constituents.”

They really hate white males and ‘shared governance’ means governance by leftist bullying.

Listen to this:

The hate that is being taught, the racism, the anti-Americanism, the victimhood, all of it will come back to haunt. You can’t teach disrespect for one group and expect it won’t be generalized.

The protesters won’t even let the reporters into the university. Check out the bizarre chanting.

University of Missouri demonstrators were demanding news media exit the campus. Using a variation of an infamously overused chant, they shouted “hey hey, ho ho, reporters have got to go!”



  1. A glimpse of the future–the boorish, hate-filled Cultural Revolution come to America. Colleges have capitulated completely to delusional victimology; unless employers are willing to stand up against the coddled products of the academic hothouse, we may soon be living in a world of screaming, monomaniacal victims. “Heather MacDonald-editor of City Journal”

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