Mob Gathered Outside Mitch McConnell’s House Because of Fauxahontas


On Thursday, a mob of about 200 gathered outside Mitch McConnell’s house over his reprimand of Democratic Senator and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren (Mass.).

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) raised an objection to her breaking Rule 19 by calling Senator Sessions a racist. It propelled Sen. Steve Daines (R-Montana), who was acting as presiding officer, to simply say “the senator will take her seat.”

The leftists were called to action and ended up at McConnell’s home. That is so unacceptable, words fail.

They read Coretta Scott King’s letter outside his home. Obviously they will make Republicans pay a price for every breath they take until they wear them down.

Twitter leftists were “proud to be American” because of this abuse of the Senator.

The #Resist and the Organizing for America movements are very well-organized and won’t relent. This will continue for four years. If you had any doubt about how Orwellian and statist the left is, this should end those doubts. They have no limits and anything goes. They have the right to protest but not to bully.

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