Mocking Trump Because Only Obama Can Say the System Is Rigged


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The media has been mocking Trump’s assertion that the system and the election are”rigged”.

The Washington Post, August 2nd: Like much of what Trump says, the “rigged” riff defies the recent norms of politics. And it taps into fears that long predate his campaign. One is a growing and unsubstantiated worry that elections are being stolen. The other is a broader unease that regular Americans are being cheated by Wall Street, by Washington and by a duplicitous media.

The left-wing Fact Check tore into him using their contrived “facts”. The left-wing Politifact rated his claims “pants on fire.”

Politico on August 2nd: Have you heard the one about how the election is already “rigged” against Donald Trump?…Asserting, specifically, that November’s election will be “rigged” is, all at once: the musing of a candidate who often gives credence to conspiracy theories; a talking point aimed at a disaffected electorate; a presidential candidate, following a dip in the polls, contemplating defeat; an effort to delegitimize the democratic process that could bring that defeat to bear; and a thinly veiled threat by a litigious billionaire to contest such an election result in court.

On August 5th, we got this from the New York Times: As public support turns against him, Donald Trump is suggesting without evidence that the election could be “rigged” by Democrats using vote fraud. This claim threatens the norms of American elections and could provoke a damaging reaction among his supporters.

However, when this next guy said it, repeatedly, the corrupt media didn’t care because only Obama can say the system is rigged.



  1. This is just offers a wonderful series of examples demonstrating the endless media bias & hypocrisy. Short, sweet, and devastatingly to the point. Very good Sentinel stuff for sure.

  2. Sure it is rigged. You know it and most of America knows it. But what difference does it make. They need term limits DC and men who will stand up for the truth. But that will never happen. The American people are to stupid to see it or do anything about it.

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