‘Moderate’ Pete Buttigieg agrees the USA legally belongs to illegals


Pete Buttigieg, the so-called ‘moderate’ agrees that people coming from Mexico are just taking back land we stole from them. Allegedly, we stole the land because we wanted to keep our slaves.

This is an extreme far-left, dishonest, and absurd notion. The United States won a war and paid for that land. The people coming here illegally now are not owners of this land. They are entitled to nothing.

We are supposed to let them all come in illegally and give them amnesty. It’s beyond the pale.

‘Moderate’ Buttigieg, son of a famous communist professor, agreed to the extreme comments made by North Carolina’s extreme moonbat, William Barber. The left-wing puts him out as some kind of expert. He has never done a thing for his community, just attacks people as racists at the expense of the NAACP.

It doesn’t matter how crazy or far-left their icons are, from Thunberg to Barber, this is who Democrats are.

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