Modernist thugs lose! No rooftop pool or minarets! Notre Dame to be as it was


Notre Dame must be restored to exactly the way it was before a fire devastated the landmark, the French Senate said on Monday. Some in France wanted to make it a non-denominational godless creation with a glass ceiling.

President Macron wanted to “update” the cathedral. Other officials wanted the rebuild to reflect France’s new modernist “diversity”.

Paris’s Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo has said she is in favor of an identical restoration, while Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has expressed interest in a more modern approach.

Some proposals suggested turning its roof into a giant swimming pool or a huge greenhouse.


There was a lot of backlash over the looney ideas on the rebuild. All that history would have been erased.

Last month, Philippe announced an international architects’ competition to rebuild, and perhaps refashion, the fallen spire, which was added during a 19th-century renovation.

The new bill removed a clause that would have given the government the power to override planning, environmental and heritage protection and public regulations.

This bill now requires an agreement between the Senate and the National Assembly.


One bozo wanted to put an Islamic minaret on the cathedral in place of the spire that fell in the fire. The bozo said it would serve as an apology to Algerian Muslims killed by French police.

We still have no idea why it burned.



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