Mollie Tibbetts’ Killer Passed E-Verify Like 46% of Illegals Who Pass


The illegal alien who killed Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts passed e-verify. Perhaps instead of fighting for e-verify in immigration deals, we should fight for the wall, drones, and more border guards?

A big deal is made when it is put in an immigration bill but is it worth giving up something that works to get it into the bill? If it works only half the time, it’s a failed system.


The killer passed the background check system known as E-verify. That strengthens the argument for stronger laws. The foreigners here illegally are gaming the system.

ABC News is reporting that killer Cristhian Bahena Rivera has passed E-verify and was working at a farm for the past four years.

Yarrabee Farms, the Iowa farm that employed the suspect who allegedly killed Mollie Tibbetts, said he was fully screened and passed e-verify. They had no idea he was here illegally.

“This individual has worked at our farms for four years, was vetted through the government’s E-Verify system, and was an employee in good standing,” Yarrabee Farms said in the statement. “On Monday, the authorities visited our farm and talked to our employees. We have cooperated fully with their investigation.”


Rivera worked at the farm for four years and was possibly in the country for at least seven years. The alleged killer entered the country somewhere between 2011 and 2014 when he was 17 to 20 years of age. When the youth come in unaccompanied or even with someone, the screening is very poor.

Also, E-verify has lots of problems.

With e-verify, if the person has been deemed legal and entered into the system that way, there is nothing that changes that, even if it was in error.

Also, because of all the ID fraud illegals commit, they can pass the check. Almost half pass with false or stolen identification of some kind.

Don’t you wonder how many times Rivera’s gone back home and come back?

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