Mom wakes up from a 27-year coma and her first word will make you cry


Can you imagine what it might be like waking up and finding you are thirty years older?

That happened to one woman who has been in a coma since a car accident in 1991. She unexpectedly awoke last year – nearly 30 years later.

Fox News reported that Munira Abdulla just picked up her 4-year-old son from school. Munira and her son were in the back seat of a car as her brother-in-law drove. When the crash was coming, her son said, “…she hugged me to protect me from the blow.”

Omar Webair, now 32 said she saved his life. He never gave up on her since he believed she would one day wake up. That’s faith!

Ms. Abdulla was in the hospital in London and later Germany for decades and her son visited, walking to her hospital room, sitting with her for hours at a time, year after year.

He believed she would come back to him, “because of my support for her, God saved me from bigger troubles, he told The National newspaper.

Last summer, as the son argued with someone in his mother’s hospital, she began to come out of the coma. Soon, she was calling the names of family members and reciting prayers.

“There was a misunderstanding in the hospital room and she sensed I was at risk, which caused her a shock,” Omar said.

“She was making strange sounds and I kept calling the doctors to examine her, they said everything was normal.


“Then, three days later, I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name, Omar said.

“It was her! She was calling my name, I was flying with joy; for years I have dreamt of this moment, and my name was the first word she said.”

She became more responsive, and can now feel pain and have some conversations.

How many times has the plug been pulled on people who could have come back?

Ms. Abdulla was transferred and is undergoing medical treatment in Abu Dhabi. Her son said, “I shared her story to tell people not to lose hope on their loved ones.”

What a great son and a sad but wonderful story of faith and love. The photo below was taken during her visit at a grand mosque that did not exist when she was last awake.


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