Moment of Silence for Hamas Terrorists in Elite Beacon School in Manhattan


Students at the posh Becon School in New York City were told to pause for a moment of silence for Hamas terrorists who attacked Israelis at the Gaza-Jerusalem border the day the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem was opened.

According to reports, the 60 students were 50 Hamas terrorists and the other ten Palestinians were forced to the border to be shot, including a woman and her baby. The Israelis did nothing to start the trouble. The Hamas attack was planned and launched by Iran.

The New York Post reported that numerous outlets painted Israel as the aggressor as its security forces opened fire when “mass protests” by the “Palestinians” erupted after the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. That sentence should read — if the media honest — …when “mass riots” by Hamas, with orders from Iran, erupted after the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

A senior official for Hamas ADMITTED that 50 of the protesters killed were members of the terrorist group.

Parents were alternately shocked and dismayed.The administration is unresponsive.

“I am extremely upset because I did not send my child to a New York City public school to pray for Hamas operatives,” said one father, who is Jewish.



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