Monica Lewinsky’s Life Was Ruined by the Clintons But She Blames Roger Ailes


Monica Lewinsky’s life was ruined by Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary and her own behavior. The Clintons humiliated her and lied about her involvement with Bill while they were both in the White House. The media trashed her. People scorned the shameful flirt in tight skirts who seduced the President of the United States.

Linda Tripp is the woman who exposed Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky at great personal expense.

Tripp told Aaron Klein on his radio show, “I say today and I will continue to say, that I believe Monica Lewinsky is alive today because of choices I made and action I took.”

At the time, she felt her life and Lewinsky’s life were in danger because, with the Clintons, “nothing stands in the way of these people achieving their political ends.”

Tripp was bashed for releasing the tapes and some said she did it for money. At the time, she gave support to the then-demonized Monica Lewinsky. Hillary and Bill were accusing her of lying and being mentally ill.

Hillary enabled Bill’s abuse, according to National Review Online.

If Lewinsky didn’t have the little blue dress to prove Bill’s sexual tryst with her was the truth, she would have had no redemption.

The Clinton machine kept working on destroying her reputation.

Given that, she is blaming Roger Ailes for her problems.

“Mr. Ailes huddled with his employees at Fox News dictating a lineup of talking heads to best exploit this personal and national tragedy,” she writes in a New York Times opinion piece published Monday.. She also blamed Drudge for reporting it.

It wasn’t Roger Ailes who lied to the feds, causing him to be Impeached. He did that himself.

She acknowledges that other networks did the same, but it’s only Fox that is a problem for her.

Her article demonizes the “culture he purveyed” she claims referencing Ailes. What about the culture the Clintons purveyed? They’ve ruined the Democratic Party.

That was her farewell to Ailes and the conservative Fox News but she had no such condemnation of the Clintons who truly did ruin her life.

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6 years ago

She is such an opportunist, that she sees an opportunity to keep from ending up as just another body left behind by the Clinton corruption……or, she’s just insane. You choose…

Scary Mary
Scary Mary
6 years ago

What THEY did to HER? You mean they forced her legs/mouth open and inserted his bits and pieces personally? For a ‘story?’
She ruined her own life by screwing a married man for power/fame/money: GAIN~ a man of POSITION & she got something other than she had PLANNED: CAUGHT in her dishonesty. Originally, I did feel that she may had been manipulated until I saw her own machinations. However, historically: who’s going to carry the weight of blame? The WOMAN IS. EVERY TIME. We ALL know that, so SHE was an utterly, hopelessly STUPID homewrecking FAILURE. PERIOD. She tried to USE her position to gain access to his position for personal GAIN. When she didn’t get what she wanted(First Lady, I assume) she started creating evidence(sounds just like a clinton, lol). She got what she deserved. Almost. We make our own choices, people. She was a JOKE and still is, & an embarrassment to ALL women. Her behavior made MY life harder!
Those clintons are the epitome of S L I M E, & it was laughable to see the ignorant in this ridiculous country not be able to spot his open fakery(and hers by proxy and support, even after the event). Had Hilldog DIVORCED that POC, she might have maintained some credibility. I’d even say that it had a lot to do with Hilldog losing the election. HER CHOICES & displaying that she was willing to go along with what she didn’t believe in- FOR GAIN, AGAIN.
Had Lewdinsky been raped, it would have been different- but I’m not even so sure that it wasn’t BILL who got raped.

GOP is Lost
GOP is Lost
6 years ago

I man sure she has a huge problem with the Clintons, but the point of her article was to point out the damage done by Ailes. There’s no denying what Fox and the rest of the media did to this poor girl. It was horrible what they did, and Ailes’s Fox News played a huge part in that.