Monopolistic Government-Tied Google Tells Website to Delete Article or Lose Ad Revenue


Google shouldn’t be able to do anything they want, though they are a private organization, because they have a monopoly on the search engines and all our computer data. They are also tied to the NSA and that should trouble people.

Currently, they are not only banishing right-leaning websites to the hinterlands of the blogosphere, they are compiling lists of who they will censor, even individuals, not just organizations.

The evil technocracy is taking over and it is soulless. They are putting in code that filters out the right. It’s an Internet brain so to speak.

James Allsup

Liberty Conservative posted an article by James Allsup who was involved in the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville. There was nothing offensive in the article but because Allsup wrote it, the website was threatened.

They were told to remove the ‘hateful’ article or lose ad revenue.

As the website said, he is now declared an ‘unperson’ by the corporate elite.

That is not what the First Amendment is about. While the First Amendment doesn’t seem to apply to corporations, the fact that Google is monopolizing so much of the power over the Internet and the fact that they work with the government, it should matter.

The hard left likes to take someone like Allsup who made himself a bit of a pariah and use him to take away our freedoms.

Listen to what this professor says. He is neither right nor left. The reason he was cancelled, and I can say this from my own experience only, is a filter screened him out, but he was able to appeal to humans.

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