Monumentally Stupid Anti-Gun Ad Tells Kids to Take Guns to School


PSA encourages felony gun possession

A new Public Service Announcement (PSA) ad encourages children to take their parents guns to school and turn them in to a teacher.

The teen in the ad takes a gun from his mother’s draw and brings it into his school and places it on the teacher’s desk saying he doesn’t feel safe.

It would be a felony for a kid to do this and his parents would be arrested also.

The danger of encouraging a child to do this goes without saying.

Watch the moronic, dangerous ad:

Comments from writer at National Review Online:

PSA messages are supposed to be in the public interest and are disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. Sometimes the goal is brainwashing.

This ad is clearly cultural conditioning and it violates the spirit of the Second Amendment besides encouraging kids to break the law.

Back in March 2012, Eric Holder encouraged DC parents to “brainwash” their kids against guns. Class Sunstein believes in ‘nudging’ us. Government agencies have been presenting propaganda as legitimate news stories.

The goal is to hypnotize the masses without them even being aware. The prejudiced information seeps into our subconscious and stays there.

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