Mooch Has New Nasty Friends But He Also Has a “Dirty Secret”


After taking the chief of staff job, one of John Kelly’s first goals was to rid the White House of bottom feeder Anthony Scaramucci.

According to Steve Nelson at the Washington Examiner, the interview with the New Yorker reporter where he made a fool of himself, only hastened his firing.

“The dirty secret was the interview escalated it. The reality was [other] things, that’s where [White House chief of staff John] Kelly lost his shit,” a source familiar with Scaramucci’s termination said, according to Nelson. “Everyone in the press watched the expletive-laced tirade and no one went, ‘What else caused it?’”

He was going to be fired for “gross” allegations that he had abused fellow staffers, with female staffers taking the worst of it.

Multiple sources, according to Nelson, claim that one of Scaramucci’s worst transgressions was telling a female official that he heard a rumor she was sleeping with a superior.

According to Nelson’s reporting, other female staffers felt physically intimated and harassed, while male staffers didn’t fare much better.


Attention-seeking Mooch and his wife are going to take down President Trump, according to Anthony ‘Mooch’ Scaramucci. The bottom feeder said he is forming a PAC and knows he can swing a percentage of supporters who know the President is ‘nuts.’

“At the end of the day, you know, I can grab ahold of five, six, eight percent of the people that know he’s nuts and possibly move them,” Scaramucci added with no small amount of offensive braggadoccio.


It doesn’t stop there, he went to Martha’s Vineyard last weekend alongside Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and other Democratic A-listers [fellow bottom feeders].

How does someone go from supporting the President’s agenda to supporting socialists?

Mooch was at a party with this crowd according to Vanity Fair:

Hillary Clinton was there with her husband, of course, as was John Kerry, the former Massachusetts senator and secretary of state who recently moved to the Vineyard from Nantucket. So too were Mark Warner, Democrat senator of Virginia, and Terry McAuliffe, the former governor. Billionaire Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who owns a large stake in the New York Times, made an appearance. Harvard professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. was also in attendance, according to videos sent by a source, although another Harvard professor, Alan Dershowitz, who has attended the party in the past, was not. (Notably absent from the celebration were any traces of Barack or Michelle Obama, or Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser, who also vacations on the Vineyard at this time of year.)

They were singing ‘America the Beautiful’ together. That performance was for Vanity Fair. These politicians are a sick joke. They love the country as long as they control everything and tax and spend us into oblivion.

Mooch is all in with the crowd he sees as his future. He has no core values or sense of loyalty, and his wife is a rabid Democrat who hates the President.


Right before he turned on the President, rumors about why Mooch was fired surfaced. The President has hit him several times, but here’s one tweet that says it all.

The President says it all in this tweet — Mooch was an incompetent employee.

Mooch is a snake. This is a great montage from the disloyal dope.

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