Moonbat Maxine Waters Has A Crazed Twitter Tantrum


Maxine Waters, upon accepting a Stonewall Young Hero Award last year, said, to raucous applause, that she wanted to impeach President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Her heated hate-filled rhetoric began when the President was elected and has continued to this day. On Tuesday, she launched a Twitter assault on the President, raging on about impeachment.

James Woods explains quite well what this impeachment is really all about. He tweeted:

#HillaryClinton lost the 2016 election. #Democrats, who’ve based their entire lives on the “participation trophy” paradigm, simply cannot accept this fact. It was “her turn,” and they are going to throw an eight-year tantrum in the cereal aisle, come hell or high water.

Mad Max, the Democrat icon, thinks the President obstructed justice because he fired Comey, who all the Democrats wanted to be fired. She is into thought crimes and thinks he sent “coded messages” to Manafort about a pardon. The other issues are equally unprovable.

She thinks the people who testified haven’t told the truth because they didn’t give her the goods.

Auntie Max is angry that Jared Kushner has security clearance — another manufactured crisis. There is no reason he shouldn’t have it. The President can award security clearance. Meanwhile, she has no problem with the anti-American representatives like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib getting clearances so they can sit on committees receiving classified intel.

The angry leftist lodged her ad hominem attack.

They are waiting for the details to be ironed out to impeach, she claimed. But, in truth, they have no evidence.

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4 years ago

Her never-ending blather is annoying.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Filled with malice and bitterness in her crazed soul.

TJ Rubicon
TJ Rubicon
4 years ago

Her ludicrous lies and hate get so tiresome.