Moonbats Hope to Charge 47 Republican Senators Under The Logan Act



The moon bats have once again shown their lack of knowledge about the Constitution and, within hours, they met their 100,000 name threshold on a petition to charge 47 senators with a violation under The Logan act. The White House has to respond because the threshold has been met. I can’t wait for his response.

These loons probably know that the letter does not fall under the category of “treason” nor does it fall under The Logan Act. The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was intended to prohibit unauthorized United States citizens from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.

The Congress is authorized and they are allowed to send the letter. The letter didn’t negotiate anything.

No one has been successfully convicted under The Logan Act and it’s never used.

The purpose of this is to embarrass Republicans. It’s a great opportunity for Barack Obama and was probably the work of MoveOn or Media Matters or some other Soros organization. It would take a major organization with the ability to flood mailboxes and get those signatures or send out multiplies from the same mailboxes.

It took money to get those signatures.

I received an email from MoveOn last night and besides asking for money to fight the “traitors”, it mentioned their work on petitions:

Our small staff has already been mobilizing public support for diplomacy via petitions, member phone calls, op-eds, and more. This shocking move by Senate Republicans means we have to do even more. We’re putting together a TV ad now to call out this disloyal behavior—but we need to know that we’ll have the resources to go big.

We need to petition for the arrest of the following except for Ted Kennedy of course. First arrest should be for Hanoi John pictured here when he was betraying the U.S. and her military.

Hanoi John


Check these traitors out:

John Kerry negotiated with the Viet Cong without authorization

Jimmy Carter wrote to UN Security Council urging them to drop Bush’s military solution in Kuwait

Nancy Pelosi visited with As-Assad in 2007 after Bush asked her not to

Ted Kennedy asked the Soviets to interfere in the 1984 elections

More Democrats who advised America’s enemies to oppose the president


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