Moonbeam on the Job! Look What California Thinks Is An EMERGENCY BILL


California is a Socialist nightmare with oppressive government regulations and high taxes killing the middle class. Housing is so costly that it’s greatly adding to the number of homeless. The open borders and sanctuary cities policies have allowed killers, perverts, and drug dealers to get protection everywhere in the state. With all the problems they have, they rushed through a bill that could make you laugh.

According to the Washington Examiner, the oh-so-urgent bill that had to be rushed through bans California cities and counties from taxing sodas and other sugary drinks for 12 years. Are you surprised that a nanny state banned taxes? Don’t be.

The reason they did it was to keep high taxes on everything else!

The bill was quickly signed by Moonbeam, Jerry Brown on Thursday.


The politicians made a deal with the non-alcoholic beverage industry. The industry withdrew a measure they had. It would have raised the voter threshold to approve local sales tax increases on any item, not just soda taxes, from a majority vote to a supermajority vote.

Moonbeam said raising the voter threshold would be an “abomination”.

The bill passed the Senate 21-7, with most Republicans abstaining and with only Democratic support. The Assembly approved it 60-1.

Local government officials were terrified they would their hands tied on all future tax increases.

The leftists of Cali were afraid they wouldn’t be able to tax willy-nilly. The beverage industry bill would have made it difficult to raise taxes on anything and everything. Nanny California wouldn’t be able to survive if they couldn’t keep picking the pockets of the productive citizens in the state.

“I’ve been in politics a long time, and sometimes you have to do what’s necessary to avoid catastrophe,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who is pushing a local sales tax increase that would be at risk if the ballot measure passed.

So, you see, limits on taxation would be a CATASTROPHE unlike the homelessness, rampant crime, and anonymous people flooding through their porous borders.

Nanny public health officials said taxes are the most effective tool they have to discourage people from drinking soda, sports drinks, sweetened coffee and tea, and other sugary beverages.

Tough! It’s not your job to tell us what to drink. Get the hell out of peoples’ lives commies!

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