Morality and the VA Scandals



by Gary Spina

The most disheartening thing about the Veterans Administration Hospital scandals are how they expose the pandemic cancer of immorality across the broad spectrum of our governmental bureaucracy – and maybe across American society in general. Across most of America, how could so many people in positions of authority and so many subordinates be so heartlessly inhuman?

I’m tired of comparing America in 2014 to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. I keep looking for new material to write about, but our most serious problems today are all rooted in the same immorality that plagued a society that believed in a master race of people instead of the Creator as the master of the universe. We are suffering the fate of all societies willing to go about their daily affairs with blinders on.

We can add the VA scandals to the scandals of the IRS, the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, the interior Department, the Energy Department, the Commerce Department, and on and on and on.

America, too, has turned its face away from God and Judeo-Christian values and adopted the master race mentality of political correctness. We’ve accepted of man’s self-indulgence and his libertine follies, his hubris over the Creator’s laws of decency, respect, and love. Instead we believe in man – the best and the brightest — and in man’s countless laws as a remedy for all society’s problems. And so we are regulating ourselves into slavery to the state.

At last count the same “plague” that destroyed Nazi Germany has spread across nineteen states resulting in as many as maybe one thousand deaths because of a bureaucracy that doctored books and job-performance reports instead of sick and dying patients.

I can maybe understand it happening in one hospital facility with one or two administrators who valued their jobs over their integrity and personal honor. But it happened all across most of America. Even if it had happened in only one hospital, how could the administrator threaten and intimidate an entire staff of doctors and health professionals into silence and complicity?

Maybe bureaucrats and government administrators are paid too much for knowing too little. And maybe they know they know too little, and they know they could never make the same money in the private sector. But they get used to the money and the benefits and the life-style, and they shudder at the thought of losing their jobs, and so they desperately abandon their morality and honor. No matter how educated or how well-connected they are, they are losers.

They are losers because they have no integrity. As I say, it’s pandemic. It’s systemic. It’s government when it becomes too large and too impersonal. Oh, but the blinders fit so comfortably.

Obviously, having health insurance is not the same as having healthcare. I’ve just one question for you to think about. Whether or not you are a veteran, do you think your healthcare will be any better when the government fully implements Obamacare?