More Email Proof of Hillary’s Criminality, Turned State Dept. Into a Clinton Fundraiser


Judicial Watch has sued and obtained another new batch of Hillary Clinton emails, the ones she swore under oath that she turned over but didn’t. Emails not only show her mishandling of classified material, they also expose the fact that she turned the State Department into a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation.

There were others who misused classified information. Huma Abedin for one used the private server illegally. These new Hillary Clinton emails showed up in Abedin’s emails. Judicial Watch obtained 90 new emails from this particular lawsuit and this is the 20th batch.

Judicial Watch currently has 620 emails that Hillary sent and received and did not turn over to the government. The emails show overwhelming evidence of pay-to-play, overwhelming evidence of mishandling of classified information, and overwhelming evidence of other issues the American people care about.

The classified information is front-and-center. She put these emails on the equivalent of a park bench, endangering peoples’ safety and the country’s security. For example, the highly classified and protected email address and name of the person giving the Presidential Daily Brief was included in an email to Abedin’s personal email account.

Email after email, over 20 emails, classified emails that were improperly sent and received with foreign leaders, about Afghanistan, Mexican drug information, elections in Burma, and on and on.

Former FBI Director Jim Comey said there was no crime and she had no intent which is absurd.

Abedin and many of the other recipients in the State Department mishandled classified material. That is a crime. Furthermore, there was intent because Hillary was warned and did it anyway. Intent is meaningless in Hillary’s case since she knew better.

The State Department was used as the fundraising arm of the Clinton Foundation. For example, the Russia-American Foundation went to the Clinton Foundation to seek help from the State Department. This organization gave the Clinton Foundation more than $260,000.

Another interesting email was from Huma Abedin’s mother. If you’ll remember, when people wanted to have Huma Abedin’s security clearance reviewed, none of the hacks in the Democrat and Republican Party, including John McCain, would allow it. Well, as it turns out, Huma’s mother was developing talking points for Hillary Clinton’s famous town hall in Saudi Arabia.

Huma’s Islamist Mother advised Hillary to leave out the terms, “freedom” and “democracy”.  Do not mention women driving or sound sympathetic to women’s plight. 

Suppression of women, according to Huma Abedin’s mother, is an in-house issue for Saudi Arabia, according to Huma’s mother. And, worse yet, Hillary followed that advice.

Another fact of the Sessions DoJ is that while Hillary is out lying about her emails, the Justice Department is defending her in court.

Who is running the Justice Department, the State Department, the FBI, and where is Congress in this?

Judicial Watch is getting the data, not Congress. Judicial Watch is having the same problems with the Trump Justice and State Departments they had with Obama’s. This is the deep state of bureaucrats. The deep state has gone to great lengths to protect Hillary Clinton.

The President is trying to get them to respond.  Why is the Justice Department and State Department ignoring the President’s directive to release the emails?

The IRS scandal has been deep-sixed

The Sessions DoJ will not reopen the IRS targeting scandal or the handling of Lois Lerner’s IRS because they are all implicated. The IRS scandal enlisted several other agencies, including the Justice Department, the FEC, the ATF, the FBI, in the  targeting of Americans — conservatives — who held opposing political viewpoints.

There were at least 292 conservative groups targeted and no liberal groups. Judicial Watch is still trying to secure documents of people who were hurt by this.

It’s no surprise the DoJ won’t look into the IRS targeting.

The criminal division of the FBI, along with Robert Mueller of the FBI, were working with the IRS to try and put these same conservatives in prison. The IRS has decided to not review the case and it’s infuriating the right.

The DoJ won’t open the case because they are compromised.

Did you know that the FBI received over a million pages or files of records on non-profits they were not allowed to have. When they were exposed by Judicial Watch and Congress, they returned them because, as they knew, it was illegal for them to have the records.

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