More EU Border Surprises

Nicely dressed “refugees” with cellphones arrive in Germany

On August 27, de Spiegel posted an article praising the mass migration of foreigners into Germany as a boon for the economy. They apparently don’t have enough people to build Mercedes engines. Businesses promoted the idea. A little more than two weeks later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has closed the borders.

Don’t think she has come to her senses though.

When Merkel agreed to take in all the migrants, nearly a million, she did it out of guilt, blaming Europe for the Middle East’s problems, and out of some heartfelt need to feel generous.

Merkel bei "Pariser Platz"

Her words towards Christians have been harsh. In this next quote, she basically says that if Christians aren’t practicing their religion and Muslims are devout, the Christians have no right to complain.

“We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then, and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is. So there I just have to say that a lot of people’s knowledge about the Christian Occident leaves a lot to be desired. But then to come back and complain about how Muslims know more about the Quran than they do about the Bible, I find that very curious.”

Merkel has to deal with neo-Nazis and other bigots but she appears to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Refugees have been boarding trains from Vienna and traveling freely into Germany. Yesterday, Germany reinstated border controls and temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement. Train conductors said the trains have been halted for twelve hours.

Austria has taken smaller numbers of migrants and they could now end up as the home country.

The Czech Republic has tightened their border controls and we know how Hungary is dealing with it.

Refugees heading for Germany are overwhelmingly male

They have been overwhelmed by refugees, many of whom are not legitimate refugees.

The border closing with Austria came on the eve of the meeting of EU interior ministers in Brussels, where European Commission proposals to redistribute about 160,000 asylum seekers across the bloc will be discussed.

The Schengen agreement allows passport-free movement across much of the European continent. In a statement the EU executive said: ‘The temporary reintroduction of border controls between member states is an exceptional possibility explicitly foreseen in and regulated by the Schengen Borders Code, in case of a crisis situation.

Merkel hasn’t come to her senses. De spiegel says Merkel wants to slow down the influx and she wants an EU-wide quota deal to share the burden. Refugee hostels are reporting that they are full.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said that the Dublin Regulations, which require that refugees register and remain in the country where they first set foot on EU territory, remain in effect — even if Germany, along with Austria, Hungary and other member states, had largely ignored the requirement in recent weeks. “I demand that all European member states again adhere (to Dublin) in the future,” the German interior minister said. Refugees, he added, “can’t simply choose” in which country they want to apply for asylum.

Migrants can no longer just choose their country, he said.

Bureaucrats in Brussels are forcing member states to provide free clothing, food, housing and healthcare for who knows how long. It’s a usurpation of national sovereignty and it will encourage millions of additional migrants from the Muslim world to come to Europe.

Greece and Italy are really in trouble under this agreement. Most of the refugees end up in those countries. Greece is worse than broke.

German Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt said that refugees will still be brought into Germany using special trains. “There will certainly be some (trains) arriving in the coming days and weeks,” he said.

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