More Eye Popping Information About Hillary’s Corruption


The following information isn’t necessarily a bombshell but it does once again point to how the public was deceived by a corrupt candidate, her team, people who worked for her and the media. Perhaps Jim Comey was part of protecting Hillary Clinton as well.

The key to the Hillary email scandal is Wikileaks email 46704 says journalist and author H.A. Goodman. Whether you agree after going through the email and listening to the video, we can’t say, but Mr. Goodman makes some excellent points. Hillary appears to know exactly what she did and was prepared to lie her way out of it.

Mr. Goodman is a left-wing guy who uses a lot of clickbait, nonetheless, this is an interesting take.

Wikileaks email 46704 is a memo from Hillary Clinton to everyone and it’s a morning rundown of prepared lies for the media. They are provable lies. In the memo, the conjurers deal with Platte River, Hillary’s computer storage techs. According to H.A. Goodman, Platte River is just as important in the email scandal as ClowdStrike is, but it has been largely ignored.

The memo attached to the email was uploaded to scribd and we have it linked below. The section referring to Platte River is what Mr. Goodman says points to the importance of pursuing the Platte River line of investigation. The employees of that company were given immunity in return for almost no information.

Clinton’s lawyer had the emails. What did he do with them? Has anyone looked into the Cloud storage company that Platte River outsourced to? If not, why not?

Following are the sections from the memo that the journalist discusses in the video below as prepared, misleading and saying nothing:

Did Platte River wipe the server?  Are they certified to handle potentially classified materials?

As has been said, the security and integrity the system was taken seriously from the onset. Protections were put in place and additional upgrades and techniques employed over time as they became available, including consulting and employing third party experts.

And as has also been said, there was never any evidence of a breach.

How was Platte River Networks selected to manage your technology services in 2013? Why that particular company? By whom were they paid? 

After a search process and interviewing several firms, Platte River was identified as the company best suited for our needs.   

Did Platte River Networks transfer data from the Chappaqua server, either to its own servers or to be stored on a cloud-based system? If so, what became of that data? Do they retain any of it now?

I’m not the most tech savvy person so I do not want to venture to explain the mechanics of what happened when Platte River took over.

I can tell you that we are cooperating with the government’s security inquiry and will continue to do so.

2015 08 11 Press Morning Briefing Hillary Media on Scribd

Mr. Goodman’s point is that they knew about the importance of Platte and prepared lies for any questions that might come up.

Platte River stored America’s top secrets and they in turn outsourced it to a cloud storage service called Datto Inc. That was done to make the documents easily retrievable.

Many of the emails hadn’t yet been classified or marked confidential though common sense would tell a person not to treat the information carelessly. Although, there were confidential [a category of classified] emails included.

Platte River stored all 60,000 of Clinton’s emails, including the “missing” ones on the cloud server. They had been told to delete them but admitted they did not.

Hillary wouldn’t give anyone in the government access to her server and the top secret data, yet Platte River and the outsource company did have access to the emails. In what world is this legitimate? We now live in a Banana Republic.

It should also be noted that Hillary was the ONLY person to not have a email. She never had a government email in violation of all the rules. Her server was unencrypted for three months and it was hacked into by the world.

In addition, Imran Awan had Wasserman-Schultz’s password. Hillary sent her emails to Anthony Weiner’s server but Jim Comey said that was okay. The Russia leaks could easily have come from any of these people.

Hillary is a political figure protected by the FBI and the media, that acts as her PR firm.

There is more.

Email 46704 is the key according to Mr. Goodman who can be heard in the video. It shows that they knew Platte River was the key to all of it.

You have to hear this video.

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Doug Wenzel
Doug Wenzel
6 years ago

Remember that neither Platte nor Datto necessarily violated any laws prior to the unlawful erasures of data late in the game, because all they had to do was meet the SLA’s of their agreements. It was up to Clinton and her staff to select service providers that could meet any legal requirements for handling and storing government records. It still boggles the mind that this was even allowed by staff at State.