Another Gruber Video: Stupid Racist Floridians And ‘Awesome In Evilness’ people


Dr Frankengruber

Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

These next videos are funny. Watching these smart people is so thrilling!

Harold Pollack, while sitting in his kitchen,interviewed Jonathan Gruber, while sitting in some sloppy, messy room.

Gruber suggested that if you oppose Obamacare and you live in Florida, you’re a racist.


Gruber says opposing the Medicaid expansion is “awesome in its evilness”. The opponents want to “punish poor people.”

If only we were all as smart and good and moral as this guy!

Jonathan Gruber doesn’t seem to know that the Stimulus money funding the Medicaid expansion in the states is only temporary, but he’s the smart one.


The interviewer, who is a friend of Gruber’s, cited the reason Gruber is in trouble in a tweet.

reasong Gruber's in trouble

The reason Gruber is in trouble is not that he lied to trick the stupid American people, it’s not that he is arrogant and condescending. It’s because he worked so hard to explain it to the morons and he wasn’t savvy about tape recorders. The lesson to be learned is not that we shouldn’t lie, but that we should stay out of policy debates when a camera is rolling.

The article on Vox the tweet refers to also makes excuses for the guy.

That’s what these smart people have to say.



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