More Illegal Immigrant Minors, Potential Terrorist “Immigrants” Pour Into the USA


Illegal immigration is down overall as it usually is during the hot summer months but it’s up considerably in some areas. The numbers are up in El Centro, especially among unaccompanied minors.


The El Centro Border Patrol Sector in Imperial County reached a six-year high in apprehensions, the Desert Sun reports. The chief agent of the El Centro sector attributed the increase in minors and families to perceptions that Mexicali is “a relatively safe city,” he told the paper.

For minors, apprehensions in El Centro increased 96 percent compared with this time last year; for families, that figure is up 58 percent.

The majority of minors coming into the country alone are molested by the cartel smugglers. Their parents know it and send girls with birth control in many cases.

The San Diego Sector’s apprehensions increased slightly — by about 84 arrests. But the numbers of family apprehensions have been steadily increasing in the San Diego sector since zero tolerance began.

Many of the people coming in are from Central America.


The Center for Immigration Studies said there is a terrorist threat on our southwest border. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to 10 top law enforcement chiefs responsible for border security on January 24, 2016, warning of the terrorist threat. CIS writes:

What followed were orders, unusual in the sense that they demanded the “immediate attention” of the nation’s most senior immigration and border security leaders to counter such an obscure terrorism threat.

Secretary Johnson ordered that they form a “multi-DHS Component SIA Joint Action Group” and produce a “consolidated action plan” to take on this newly important threat. He was referring to the smuggling of migrants from Muslim-majority countries, often across the southern land border — a category of smuggled persons likely already known to memo recipients as special interest aliens, or SIAs. Secretary Johnson provided few clues for the apparent urgency, except to state: “As we all appreciate, SIAs may consist of those who are potential national security threats to our homeland. Thus, the need for continued vigilance in this particular area.” Elsewhere, the secretary cited “the increased global movement of SIAs.”

They’re not being identified and interdicted adequately it seems.

The unpublicized copy of the memo, obtained by CIS, outlined plan objectives. Intelligence collection and analysis, Secretary Johnson wrote, would drive efforts to “counter the threats posed by the smuggling of SIAs.” Coordinated investigations would “bring down organizations involved in the smuggling of SIAs into and within the United States.” Border and port of entry operations capacities would “help us identify and interdict SIAs of national security concern who attempt to enter the United States” and “evaluate our border and port of entry security posture to ensure our resources are appropriately aligned to address trends in the migration of SIAs.”

The President has yet to move on this but there is little doubt he is handcuffed to some degree. There is no one who will even consider doing it other than him, but he needs to address it.

If Democrat Jeh Johnson was concerned, it must be bad.


Democrats are calling for open borders and taking no responsibility for the mess we are in. They even refused amnesty for 1.7 million DACA because they wouldn’t do a thing to secure the border. They offered no counterproposal.

The Democrats don’t want a wall, any border security, and they believe in sanctuary USA. They and the leftist judges won’t allow any deportation, even of MS-13. In fact, activist Democrats minimize the threat of MS-13 and other cartels. Democrats give freebies to illegals, preferring them to citizens, in an effort to lure them into the country.

Chants of “no border, now walls, no USA at all” are ignored. Or, in the case of CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the New York governor’s brother, Democrats claim they are “fighting for right”.

Remember when Democrats supported legal immigration? It wasn’t long ago.

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