More Kneeling for US Anthem in London, Standing for ‘God Save the Queen’


The New Orleans Saints knelt together as a team before the game against the Miami Dolphins began in London. They followed that up by standing for the U.S. anthem with locked arms as the U.S. national anthem was sung by Darius Rucker. A few did put their hands over the hearts.

As for the Dolphins, three Dolphins knelt for the US Anthem and got up and stood for ‘God Save the Queen’.

It’s a big high sign to Americans who respect the flag and the Anthem and it took place on foreign soil. They are also morphing it into an anti-Trump Resistance movement.

Dolphin players Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas and Julius Thomas were seen kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” All three then stood for the British anthem, “God Save the Queen,” which was sung because the game was being played in England.

That is the worst sort of betrayal to do this on foreign soil.

They hate America and many of their audience yet they won’t leave the country because it is very good to them. Their respect for the British is fine but not if they are protesting racial injustice.

The Brits were the ones who wove slavery into the fabric of colonial life. In the 1660s, the number of slaves taken from Africa in British ships averaged 6,700 per year. By the 1760s, Britain was the foremost European country engaged in the Slave Trade. Of the 80,000 Africans chained and shackled and transported across to the Americas each year, 42,000 were carried by British slave ships.

Fox News wouldn’t show the kneelers. They’re hiding it now.

The disrespect of the United States on foreign soil was allegedly a show of unity but it’s not unity with the American public, it’s with each other, millionaires all.

They don’t care what Americans think. Their fans will be forced to suffer through the politicization of football.

They’re very disrespectful and are telling Americans they don’t care what they think.

From all accounts the Saints-Dolphins game was bad football and they were booed.

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