More Propaganda! DNC Chair Says Trump Supporters Are “Cowardly”


Deranged Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez, who says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “future of the Democratic Party,” called President Trump’s supporters “cowardly.” The communist/socialist says Trump supporters — traditional Americans abandoned by the politicians — will be looked down upon in history.

It’s true if the communists/socialists win this war, this revolution. They will rewrite history in a way that would make Stalin proud.

“But the thing is, they are cowardly,” Perez said. “History will not only judge Donald Trump harshly, it will judge Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president and allowed the party of Lincoln to die. They will be judged harshly. Because whatever he says goes right now.”

Perez was discussing progressive [communist/socialist] policies. He doesn’t realize Trump supporters are pleased with many of Trump’s policies and hate the authoritarianism of the Democrats. Perez thinks if anyone doesn’t agree with him, they are cowards.

Is there any end to the names they will call Trump supporters?

Let’s hope traditional Americans win this war so history will judge the communists/socialists unkindly. The United States has been the beacon of freedom in the world. It’s the last stop before statism.

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3 years ago

Says the man who represents the party to protect the lives of the worst criminals (anti-death penalty) and end the lives of the most innocent (pro-abortion). If you are asking me if I care what he thinks, the answer is no.

3 years ago

LOL! Why in GOD’S NAME would I ever give a damn about what a Democrat thinks of me!?

3 years ago

Just lefty propaganda because he knows he’d be beaten up by a 5’1″ 90 yr old with a gammy leg and broken arm. laugh at him.

Marilyn R. Crawford
3 years ago

Just because we don’t attack Grandma at the peace march, is no reason to call us coward. Nor do we blindside someone with bags of body waste, or hide behind masks…are all reasons to be on the ‘right,’ side.

3 years ago

If one of these mouthy little pansies ever cares to risk calling me a ‘coward’ to my face I’ll be very happy to beat him so severely that he’ll be lucky to wake up from his coma 20 years in the future.