More Public Humiliation as Obama Is Interviewed by GloZell While Yemen Falls


After the State of the Union, Mr. Obama was interviewed by Glo-Zell, Bethany Mota and Hank Green – all YouTube personalities.

Because nothing says presidential like being interviewed by GloZell.

The terrorists will really hold him and us in high esteem after today. It’s almost as if he were saying Yemen is inconsequential.

He was asked about marijuana, drones, same-sex marriage, race-relations, cyber-bullying and what he wanted to be when he grew up, among other topics. It took about an hour, more time than he’s ever given FoxNews.

His favorite part was probably the selfie.



The President of Yemen and his government, backed by the United States, resigned to Iranian-backed Houthis today, but you would never know it. Obama was with GloZell and the State Department doesn’t know what’s going on.

When the State Department was asked about the Yemen coup, Marie Harf said there’s “no confirmation” yet.


Yemen is a training ground for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the same people who have been launching terror attacks and who produce the terrorist magazine, Inspire. It’s also a country where Obama has sent GITMO detainees. If not there, to a neighboring country in many cases.

One memorable moment from the interview follows, memorable not for her mistake, for the whole green lipstick thingy.



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