More Wins for the Left as a Coup Threatens the Presidency


The President with his manufacturing council

The President’s strategic and policy forum and the manufacturing council have been disbanded as CEOs handed in their resignations like lemmings jumping off the cliff. This is all because the President said both sides of the rally in Charlottesville were violent. That is a factual statement. Whether it’s wise is debatable.

The President today disbanded two of his councils after an exodus of “outraged” and sanctimonious CEOs. The corporate shills are now making it clear that their cowardice and their ideologies are more important than country.

The CEOs were praised by the Democrats.

Today, citing the Charlottesville violence, the mayor of San Francisco called for rally permits by the alt-right to be rescinded though their right to protest is protected by the First Amendment. The violent leftists don’t even get permits and no one stops them.  Once Amendments like the First become relative and are weakened according to subjective views of the elite, all lose the right. Any political official can then decide you don’t have the right because they don’t like you.

These are the rights we are fighting for and why Trump was elected. He was seen as the one who would be tough enough to take on this war against our Constitution.

The media is obviously out to overturn the election and Republican leaders are a waste of time. A coup is a threat but the coup could be a slow wearing away of the President’s authority instead of what we normally envision as a coup. Certainly that is the intent of the massive leaking.

Not to say that the President always chooses his words appropriately, but the media selectively omits Trump’s quotes, incorrectly rephrases them, and refuses to acknowledge anything he says that is correct.

Watergate reporter and Nixon hit man, Carl Bernstein, suggests a coup might be underway.

He is so filled with hate for Republicans it’s hard to know if anything he says is accurate but he does have friends in high places. That being said, he has tweeted high-ranking military and intelligence say President Trump is unfit to serve as president. That sounds like a coup in the making.

Bernstein wants journalists to probe Republicans whom he suggests are ready to betray Trump.

These are the same companies, the same journalists, and the same Republicans who promote leftist values or cave to them. Being a leftist means no other opinion is allowed, no other belief is valued.

They seem to be winning right now.


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5 years ago

There is one overall striking theme in all of this which is why SO many Republicans, Pundits, and this is the “charge” of racism leveled against ANYONE to the right of Stalin. The leftists and their media generals want to tag everyone ELSE as being some type of racist. Instead of backing away in fear from these people just label THEM racist. Say to them, “We KNOW people like you are actually “Closet Racists” because that is the way Real racists act, and don’t let up.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Valid counterattacks are a good strategy. Backing away is accepting defeat. That is what Sessions did in his very cowardly appearance on CBS Monday. The more they attacked the more he cowered.

5 years ago

The idea this is all about whether or not slavery was, or is celebrated, is misunderstanding not only history of this, but civilization as a whole. What is constructed in the minds of the people is a particular “picture” of that history. Were all slaveholders cruel overlords that beat their subjects or were there “owners” who respected these subjects and treated them with compassion. According to the outraged this cannot be the case. They must all have been cruel overlords. Throughout history there has been classes of “indentured servants”. It was called serfdom and this had touched many more than African blacks. What this country ended was generations of indentured servants that came out of a debtors prison society.

This servant class had some of its roots in Biblical tenants but the biblical laws of slavery didn’t allow a person to be an overlord. One of the most well known examples concerns the premise if there is only one bed available. In that law it is the servant, or slave, who is afforded the bed. The master, as it were, must accommodate the slave. Therefore if one were to follow the biblical law of slavery the master cannot be an overlord and would need to have respect and compassion on the slave.

Therefore it wasn’t only blacks who were slaves, or what could be considered indentured servants, which had some origins in serfdom and furthermore, there were owners, or masters, who dealt with those in a humane way, even though modern society considers it grotesque.

Lest we forget That past, it IS still lingering, though only by a different name. That same servitude that seemingly had its end in the Civil Rights area has today morphed into the illegal immigration narrative. At the time of the Civil Rights era a different form of slavery began to take hold. It was the Migrant farm worker who were no different than the slaves of the past. It was once again a culture of serfdom whereby the landowner would pay meager wages and provide housing and food. They were not afforded an income to be self sufficient. Nowadays we find Corporations are slowing working to that end once again, finding the cheapest labor via Visa laws and foreign slave factories.

5 years ago

The fault of what is going on does not lie with people working. Blaming us is another diversion. It is similar to the diversion that since Trump did not say something perfect on an issue that it is his fault. When the time comes for me I will rally.

The are many villains here. Things would be very different if the DOJ was run by an honest and courageous person. Firstly, the nationwide leftwing protest groups would be in trouble. So would the democratic enablers. And, some major players in the plot would be in huge legal trouble, due to the mass criminality the past 8 years. The enablers include those involved in the mass surveillance activities.

Now, Fox has turned. Trump is boxed in. There are huge interests that want to destroy him.

5 years ago

It is the fault of the Trump supporters for not rallying for him. Not a peep from any organizations attempting to rebut the rallies of the left across America. Apathy is going to be the death of America. A 63 million man march on D.C. of his supporters could put a stop to this, but we can’t even get a handful together at the North Country Patriot corner in Setauket every Saturday in opposition to the BLM and antifa supporters. We’re making our own beds. Talk is cheap.

5 years ago
Reply to  Natalie

I like to blame the evil doers but you are right. The real blame goes to the apathetic. And when it hits the fan they’ll be wondering what happened.

There’s 4 kind of people –
1-Those who make things happen,
2-Those who know what happened,
3-Those who wonder what happened,
4-And those who don’t know anything happened!