More Word Banning to Protect the Oppressed, This Time In Berkeley


Yesterday, we noted that Rep. Joaquin Castro wants the words, ‘illegal’ and ‘illegal aliens,’ stricken from use in all federal documents, communications, and so on. The open borders representative wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings and equates legal immigration with illegal immigration. Now, today, Fox 5 is reporting that Berkeley will ban some other words.

They want all man-centric words banned in the city to include ‘manhole, manmade” in favor of inclusive, gender preference language.

‘Manholes’ will be called ‘maintenance holes’, ‘firemen’ will become ‘firefighters’, ‘bondsman’ becomes ‘bondsperson,’ ‘craftsmen’ will be replaced by ‘artisans,’ ‘men and women’ will be called ‘people.’ fraternities and sororities will now be called ‘collegiate Greek system residencies.’ ‘He’ and ‘she’ will be replaced with ‘they.’ Silliest of all is ‘pregnant woman’ becomes ‘pregnant employee.’

Berkeley City Council member, 23-year-old Rigel Robinson said the male-centric words are not reflective of reality. “Our laws are for everyone, and our municipal code should reflect that.”

It’s not clear what punishments will follow for anyone who uses improper words.

Everything the leftist Democrats do has to be about control and social engineering. That’s who they are. They control language to control you an how you think! It’s more of the intersectional oppression, women are oppressed, nonsense.

What’s next? Book burnings?



  1. If you read the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell, he forsaw how thought could be controlled by changing language and the meaning of words. He also detailed a communist type lifestyle as a metaphor in his other novel, ‘Animal Farm’. We are seeing his novels come to fruition. The only thing stopping this madness and nonsense of PC speech is not to participate.

  2. As a Civil Engineer, I have personally designed/reviewed and inspected 10’s of thousands of miles of sewer lines, manholes, lift stations and wyes/ties. I have been inside many manholes, sewers (sanitary and storm drain) and as a female I could careless about the names of them. My concern is that they are designed, installed and maintained properly (painted for sewer roaches). When an Engineer designs a sewerline, we don’t care about politics, we don’t care who will benefit from it or what it is called. We care about that all fecal matter is removed and properly treated at a treatment plant (yes I have designed these also). So I tell these morons at any university to back off renaming items that they have no clue about! Unless and until these idiots spend some time designing, installing or reviewing Civil Engineering Projects, they should keep their 2 cents to themselves.

  3. Well, okay, its CA. And, to top it off, its Berkeley. And, if that weren’t enough, its a 23y.o. city council member pushing this change, which will cost the city of Berkeley and the over taxed citizens to pay for the change.
    This not dry behind the ears council member is typical of the deranged support on the left. No real world experience to color her stupidity. Yet. Surprises are coming for her ilk. They are standing on the tracks paying no attention to the train bearing down on them.
    Just sayin’.

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